Conquest by System


In 1992, TIME magazine published an article written by Strobe Talbott titled: America Abroad: The Birth of the Global Nation. The article begins this way:

The human drama, whether played out in history books or headlines, is often not just a confusing spectacle but a spectacle about confusion. The big question these days is, Which political forces will prevail, those stitching nations together or those tearing them apart?

Here is one optimist’s reason for believing unity will prevail over disunity, integration over disintegration. In fact, I’ll bet that within the next hundred years... nationhood as we know it will be obsolete; all states will recognize a single, global authority. A phrase briefly fashionable in the mid-20th century – “citizen of the world” – will have assumed real meaning by the end of the 21st.

If you don’t know who Strobe Talbott is, then go read his Wiki page. It will give you a good enough overview to understand that what he says cannot easily be dismissed. He is a globalist and he travels in powerful circles.

Talbott goes on to give a drive-by view of world history in terms of political organization from tribes to nation-states. For some curious reason, he neglects to mention kingdoms. hmmm... let me think why would he leave out kingdoms? Maybe because kingdoms are the domain of despots and when one is painting a word picture that is a status report of the progress towards a vision that is an illusion of a peaceful and prosperous world under a single world legal and regulatory system, one does not want to introduce any concepts that might break the illusion.

I am in awe of his mastery of word art  - “The human drama, whether played out in the history books or headlines” “which political forces will prevail, those stitching nations together or those tearing them apart”.

It’s a four-page article so I can’t analyze it word by word here – although I’d like to because this article is about the conversion of the systems of government of the nations to a one-world system of administrative states. What that means is breaking apart nations and reconstructing their legal and regulatory structures to adhere to a world administrative system.

In the United States, any effort towards that goal could be construed and should be construed as treason. When Talbott wrote: “confusing spectacle but a spectacle about confusion” he is referring to the confusion of the American people as the American government de-ideologicalizes itself (fold up that flag and put it in the dustbin of history) and self-destructs. And that is exactly what Barry Soetoro is doing with his executive orders to open the gates to the barbarians... “Come in and take what you want...” while American patriots are told that they are obsolete."

Farther down in his article, Talbott explained:

Globalization has also contributed to the spread of terrorism, drug trafficking, AIDS and environmental degradation. But because those threats are more than any one nation can cope with on its own, they constitute an incentive for international cooperation.

We know that the CIA is involved in drug trafficking – to give protection to the drug cartels. We know that AIDS is a man-made disease that could only have been produced in the laboratories of the elite. We know that terrorism is state-sponsored and the environmental degradation is a function of the partnership between pseudo-environmentalists and corporations. Pay to play – or pay to degrade as it were. It could be called environmental racketeering.

The sum total of the four false flag strategies are designed to create the requirement for an international legal and regulatory system. Add to those the so-called “free trade” agreements and what you have is a plan to socially and economically destroy our nation-state.

Talbott follows that paragraph with this one:

However limited its accomplishments, last month's Earth Summit in Rio signified the participants' acceptance of what Maurice Strong, the main impresario of the event, called "the transcending sovereignty of nature": since the by-products of industrial civilization cross borders, so must the authority to deal with them.

You have to love that.... “the transcending sovereignty of nature”. Beautiful – like admiring the magnificence of a tiger just before he rips you apart. 

Agenda 21 was the output of the Earth Summit and it’s the tiger. It is 40 Chapters and 388 pages of administrative, regulatory principles to be implemented by “states”. In its totality, it’s a system for living on planet earth imposed by what is in fact, a world totalitarian dictatorship implemented through systems rather than at the barrel of a gun – so far.

The latest United Nations – one world “governing system” calls for the disarmament of the people. We are supposed to buy into the illusion that we will all live in peace and harmony in a world of abundance if only we just all lay down our weapons and allow the administrators of the planet to take over.

The Administrators of the world are the people who have the machine minds. In their systems, they define rules and roles. You are assigned a role and you have a set of rules from which you must not deviate. It must be so – otherwise the systems don’t work. You are not allowed to think for yourself – nor are you allowed to make a decision for yourself. All decisions are made by the designers – and administered by the administrators. It’s a very subtle method of conquest. The only indication that there is a system is when you try to think for yourself and react to a particular situation in which there is no rule or the rule runs contrary to common sense or common decency. And then the brute force of administration bares its teeth.

 There is a very interesting twist at the end of Strobe Talbott’s article:

The best mechanism for democracy, whether at the level of the multinational state or that of the planet as a whole, is not an all-powerful Leviathan or centralized superstate, but a federation, a union of separate states that allocate certain powers to a central government while retaining many others for themselves.

Federalism has already proved the most successful of all political experiments, and organizations like the World Federalist Association have for decades advocated it as the basis for global government. Federalism is largely an American invention. For all its troubles, including its own serious bout of secessionism 130 years ago and the persistence of various forms of tribalism today, the U.S. is still the best example of a multinational federal state. If that model does indeed work globally, it would be the logical extension of the Founding Fathers' wisdom, therefore a special source of pride for a world government's American constituents.

As for humanity as a whole, if federally united, we won't really be so very far from those much earlier ancestors, the ones huddled around that primeval fire beside the river; it's just that by then the whole world will be our valley.

 Again, you have to admire his word art to romanticize a return to primitive-ism but he is writing from the top of the hill and he's looking down on the valley.  These totalitarian globalists do in fact, intend to rule the world and we are getting closer to the time of no return.

In 2007, I ordered a book titled World Federalist Manifesto: Guide to Political Globalization. I extracted the definition of world federalism so that you can read it.


Since these globalists are riding the tails of our Founders, it becomes our job to take them down before they enslave the entire world. American leaders – the real leaders, need to rise up and take their power back.

Vicky Davis
November 17, 2014