Quisling Facilitation for RED China Continues in Idaho

Last November there was an article in the Idaho Statesman article about the Red Chinese announcing plans to build an electric bus manufacturing facility in Boise. 

Zonda Group and Zonda USA sign agreement for "new energy coaches"

Zonda USA is the American name for the Red Chinese (government) corporation called (Zonda) Zhongda Industrial Group.  It's interesting that Zhongda is a relatively new company - started in 1994.  The following are the products they list for sale at the Zhonda Industrial Group website: 

  • hydraulic lift for vehicles
  • paint spraying and baking booths for vehicles
  • "design of workshop districts and whole maintenance designs"  Our solution contains each detail for the layout of your workshop, such as office area, reception area, show room, storage area, maintenance area and the whole scheme of water, electric and gas etc.
  • Car washing machine (brushes on rollers)
  • Simple spray booth (frame and sheet plastic)
  • Scissor car lift

But here in Idaho, they are going to build electric buses.   Notice - this is an artist's rendition:


We're sure they'll be able to do it though -- because they stole the designs from the Germans:

Court deal big blow to Zhongwei, domestic bus industry


The Boise Valley Economic (Fascists) "Partnership" were just thrilled.  Comrade Clark Krause was quoted as saying:

“No extravagant or big promises were made to this company from the Valley or the state,” he said. “We will make sure that Zonda gets what it deserves in terms of workforce training.”  

That comment should have been a RED flag   for the taxpayers and parents of Idaho because who pays for "workforce training"?   You do.   Does the "workforce training"  ever end?  No.   "Workforce training" is the system designed to give free labor and subsidized wages for corporations under the guise of "training".  This "training" isn't just for unemployed people who seek assistance from the State "Workforce Development" section of the Idaho Department of Labor, our high schools are being redesigned to provide the children with about an 8th grade level of socialist training - followed by on-the-job training (i.e. workforce training).   But then peasants don't need to read, they just need to learn to work.   And the free labor "education" continues through the two year community colleges but at the university level, the free labor system is renamed to be "research and development"  - and it is heavily subsidized by the taxpayers.   And then one lucky winner is selected to be the face of a start-up business at a university small-business incubator - paid for by who?   You guessed... it's YOU!   I bet you didn't realize the extent of your generosity. 

And it gets better...

The Smart Grid is an Information Technology (IT) system overlay on top of the electric grid.  The purpose of it is to allow the utility companies to manage electrical usage - and in particular peak load times.  Once it's implemented, they'll be able to shut down your electrical devices and .... drum roll please....   the electric power will go to the electric charging stations for electric cars and electric buses.   Ta-Da!

And you'll have to buy a battery backup system for your refrigerator and probably you'll have electric power for washing cloths at 2:00 am or so.  The dryer?   Build a clothes line you won't be able to afford the electric dryer anyway. 

Of course, that's 5 or 6 years and about a million lies from public officials away, but the course is clear.  We're moving backwards to the future.  

Vicky Davis
May 2, 2012