Termites and Traitors

A few days ago, Strobe Talbot of the Brookings Institute published an essay:

Monnet's Brandy and & Europe's Fate

Effectively, Talbot wrote Organization of Power - Part 8 for me.  His essay is the story of Jean Monnet and his efforts throughout his lifetime to build the United States of Europe - the European Union.  Monnet is considered the Father of the European Union. 

Monnet was the son of a distiller in France.  The House of Monnet produced a fine Cognac which was marketed internationally.  In 1914 when World War I broke out, Monnet tried to join the military but was rejected for health reasons.  Instead of military service, he went to work for the French government coordinating war supplies with Britain.  "Within three years, Monnet was helping Étienne Clémentel, the French minister of commerce and industry, to develop a proposal for a post-war "new economic order" based on Franco-British cooperation but open to other European countries as well".  In 1919, Monnet was named Deputy Secretary of the League of Nations.

The significance of this connection between the Monnet and Clémentel is that Clémentel was the first president of the International Chamber of Commerce and he was an original Merchant of Peace. 

Merchants of Peace - front row, center Étienne Clémentel

The picture of the Merchants of Peace was found on the website of the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) - history section.  If you watch the pictures scroll through, the last one you'll see is a picture of President George H. W. Bush meeting with officials of the ICC and United States Council for International Business (USCIB) at the White House on June 21, 1990. 

 United States Council for International Business (USCIB)



On June 27, 1990, President George H.W. Bush announced the Enterprise of the Americas Initiative which was no doubt the initiation of work towards the North American Free Trade Area (NAFTA) and first significant step towards the building of the Free Trade Area of the Americas (FTAA) which obviously means the end of American sovereignty and the end of America as an independent and free nation-state.  A compilation of George H.W. Bush clips   including the New World Order speech given on September 11, 1990. 

The NAFTA agreement was the administrative merger between Canada, the U.S. and Mexico.   


The FTAA will be the administrative merger of all the countries of North and South America.

Free Trade Area of the Americas

At this point, anybody who doesn't understand that the so-called "free trade" agreements were negotiated by traitors to undermine national sovereignty and to destroy the economy of the United States to weaken it's position in the world, has their head so far up their *** that they aren't worth the time of day.


The Termite Strategy for Conquest

Termites are pests that destroy buildings - eating the wood from the inside out.  To the untrained eye, nothing is amiss until you touch a termite-invested post and the post collapses into a pile of dust.  Monnet's strategy for building the European Union was that of the termite. 

Strobe Talbot - on Monnet & Europe:

By 1938, Monnet had returned to active public life, traveling around the Continent and across the English Channel as an adviser and envoy. His task, as he put it, was to convince "civil servants to cooperate and exchange information between different ministries and different countries, so much so that the teams needed for joint action were already formed when the time came for decision.

...Monnet worked on a long-term successor arrangement that would be negotiated with Germany, not imposed on it. The agreement lowered duties and restrictions on coal and steel trade between France and Germany, bringing two vital sectors together under the aegis of a joint state-sponsored authority.

This bilateral accord was an exemplar of Monnet’s strategy for overcoming the national sovereignties that stood in the way of his vision. Applying the lessons of his youth in Cognac, he was laying the foundations, “slowly and with concentration,” for the “one thing” he knew he must do to bring about a federated Europe: create new economic facts on the ground. With the passage of time, national political leaders would see the virtue in thinking, deciding, acting, and, ultimately, governing on the pan-European level.

Monnet's termite strategy of organization of civil servants is the strategy that has been used on the United States.  The National Governor's Association, the U.S. Conference of Mayors, the National Sheriff's Association are all examples of organizations of civil servants along functional lines in what could be construed as horizontal organization of power - as opposed to hierarchical organization which is the way that we view our local, state and federal governing structures.   

In all countries, these associations start out under a national or partisan banner but over time, the associations merge to form larger and more powerful organizations (Marx - dialectic materialism) based upon their function.  One example is the International Association of Chiefs of Police.  The organizations become institutions that outlive the individual members.   The National Governor's Association for example, was formed in 1908.  It is the career bureaucrats of the association that determine and set the policies that the "current governors" implement.   The same is true of the other civil servant organizations. 

Something interesting I noticed that I never paid attention to before, is the logo for the European Commission.  The European Commission is the main governing body for the European Union.  

Logo for the European Commission

What struck me about it is the horizontal lines which are symbolic of the horizontal organization of civil servants across national boundaries that form the European Union organization. 

According to an article in the Telegraph complaining about the cost of the logo design, the purpose of the new logo was to replace the 400 departmental logos within the Commission.  Four hundred different logos is an indication that the formation was the consolidation of separate, national functional organizations coalescing to create the European Union as a supranational governing body. 

The article says that the horizontal lines are symbolic of Commission's Berlaymont building.  And it is true that the horizontal lines correspond to the lines of the building:


The four wings of the building have the flat, unfinished appearance that does not fit with the elegant curvatures of the rest of the structure.  The following are aerial views that give a better perspective of the entire building:



From this perspective, it's obvious that they have an affinity for triangles so it doesn't take much imagination to figure out that the ends of the four wings are symbolic of the four corners of the world and are indicative of unfinished business that when complete and world government is in place, they will be capped with triangles and the structure will resemble the logo for NATO.


And the world will be ruled by totalitarian lunatics and their armies of bureaucrats organized functionally across national boundaries into a global governing structure.  Collapsing the national governments of the world will be as easy as pulling the strings and watching the hierarchies collapse - leaving the world flat as Tom Friedman likes to describe it.


The Brookings Institute has been a globalist institution since it was founded in 1916.  While they don the cloak of Americanism, their objectives have always been global - and treasonous.  Their mission is to shape policy and opinion to serve global interests.   Strobe Talbot is the current president of Brookings Institute.  In 1992, Talbott wrote an article that was published in Time Magazine titled, America Abroad: The Birth of a Global Nation which leaves no doubt which side of the fence he sits. 

In an interview about his article on Monnet, Talbot talks the strategy for globalization and the status - which is not going well.  Interview with Strobe Talbot.   Between this article and the Brookings Institute push for more "free trade", I take it as a sign of weakness which is an opportunity for American patriots.  I think the next election will be the pivotal battle for America.  It's now or never to reclaim American sovereignty and to run these globalists back into the hell from whence they came. 

Vicky Davis
February 11, 2014

P.S.  In doing some research for this, I found a website that gave me a chuckle.  The message of the website is that the cure for globalization is global government.   This is the kind of propaganda that is designed to appeal to a population of people who think along one thread but that actually moves the agenda in the very direction they should be turning away from. 

Democratic World Federalists  

The Foundations, NGO's and institutes all formulate the same messages in different formats focusing on different issues designed to appeal to a person's interests but end of the road is the same.  It's really quite an amazing thing once you see them for what they are - and what they are doing.  

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