Creative Treason

In 2010 when I was doing the analysis and research on the construct that I named a Trojan Triangle that I understood to be an inland port - meaning effectively international territory in the interior of our country, I could see what "they" were doing but I couldn't prove it so I kept my theory separate.  The following is the diagram I did at that time.  A larger image can be view by clicking on the image.  


The Criss-Cross, Double Cross meant that the people in both countries have been betrayed.  Insurgents from the connecting countries are facilitated to locate and establish businesses in the Principalities that effectively become international territory.  The consequences of this facilitated, treasonous international "business model" are too numerous to mention here.  Suffice it to say that American professionals and American businesses have been, in many cases economically and consequently, personally devastated by this blind-sided, sucker punch delivered to us by the U.S. State Department and their multinational "partners".  To frame this in the context of business is really the wrong context.  What it is, is facilitated foreign occupation of our country and it's being run out of the State Department. 

In State Department lingo, the foreign occupiers who are being facilitated to locate in and around the (foreign trade zone, economic development zone, enterprise zone) are called the 'Diaspora Community'.  The idea apparently is import these foreigners who are then supposed to connect back to their home countries to establish trade connections - as well as to funnel money back to their home countries from money made in the United States.  Western Union is making a fortune on transaction fees.

On the USAID website, I found this webpage on the launch of the Libya Diaspora Marketplace. 

USAID and Western Union Launch the Libya Diaspora Marketplace

WASHINGTON, D.C. - United States Agency for International Development (USAID) and Western Union have launched the Libya Diaspora Marketplace (LDM). The LDM will award up to four winning businesses with matching grants of between $25,000 and $50,000 with accompanying technical assistance.

The Libya Diaspora Marketplace encourages sustainable economic growth and employment by supporting entrepreneurs who are U.S. citizens or permanent resident members of the Libyan diaspora community, as well as those who have a relevant connection to, or experience in, Libya. Grants awarded for startup or existing small and medium enterprises will focus on high-priority, high-impact sectors that meet the immediate and evolving development needs of the country.

Ignore the grant amounts because a lot more money than that will be made available to them through the Small Business Administration, the local Chamber of Commerce, the university located nearby plus many other sources. The money they receive in grants is leveraged by loans which are also facilitated.   It should be noted that most of the people being imported to our country qualify for "minority" preferences for government contracts, small business loans, and aid programs provided under the rubric of civil rights legislation passed over the last half century. 

Before leaving the subject of Libya, I would be remiss if I didn't mention Benghazi.  When you understand the Criss-Cross, Double Cross treason scheme, then you will also understand what Chris Stevens was doing in Benghazi.   Benghazi Bamboozle     and recently found....   provided by Wikileaks U.S. Embassy telegram concerning U.S. - Libya Relationship

This is orchestrated treason by multinational corporations and the un-American activities being run out of the State Department.  Notice at the bottom of the webpage above under the heading of Related Press Releases, there is a link concerning the National Science Foundation:   USAID and the National Science Foundation (NSF) Expand PEER Global Researcher Program to New Countries and Development Challenges

This link goes to a webpage that lists the CURRENT locations of USAID activities.  Keep in mind that this is a moving game they are playing.   Spend some time on that website and look at the nature of the activities they are engaged in. 

The State Department facilitated occupation of our country has imported so many foreigners, that we are losing American culture and American law.  They are being imported so fast that they are bringing their cultures with them - destroying ours. 

Just think about this: More than 60 million Americans are first or second generation.

You cannot maintain an American culture with that many newcomers as Oklahomans found out recently. 

Federal Judge Says Oklahoma Courts Must Accept Shariah Law Influence  

Of course that federal judge is full of ...  you know.  But who knows, she might be Muslim herself but regardless, she should be removed from the bench.  But this case is indicative of what is happening to our country because of the un-American activities being run out of the State Department, covered up by the mainstream media and aided and abetted by the Quislings in our state and local governments.    

There was a 2013 Diaspora Forum event webpage on the State Department website.  One of the videos features an address by Robert Hormats, Deputy Secretary of State.  I zeroed in on Hormats because while doing the research on the Trojan Triangles, I found a video in which Hormats was speaking to a group of college-age Chinese students.  He was telling them that the United States - through the State Department, offers an UNLIMITED number of student visas.  A significant number of the illegals in this country entered through this route - and just didn't leave when their visa expired. 

2013 Global Diaspora Forum
Remarks by Robert D. Hormats

2013 Global Diaspora Forum - links to the Agenda, Fact Sheets, etc.

At the bottom of that page (I don't want you to miss a thing!)  there is a link to the Global Partnership Initiative.  That was a program started by Hillary Clinton in 2009. 

Global Partnerships Initiative      Study the diagram.  Notice the graphic for ribbon cutting?    Ribbon cutting and breaking ground ceremonies are rather old fashioned ceremonies that I hadn't seen performed in this country for decades - until the Hoku facility was built in Pocatello Idaho.  Hoku btw... is bankrupt now but looking at the history of Hoku gives you a good idea of the kind of facilitation and financing these foreign "innovators" receive at your expense.  


There is a lot more of this story to tell and in the next few days, I'll be telling it. 

Vicky Davis
August 20, 2013