Quislings, Propaganda and the Big Lie:  Climate Change!!!



The march to global fascism wouldn’t be possible without journalists who won’t write about it, but who do write hit pieces on those who oppose it.   David Morris is one such journalist.  He recently wrote an article for Fortune.com titled, Agenda 21: Global Conspiracy or Climate Savior?    The article attempts to answer the question:  Are grassroots opponents of sustainable planning being silenced by international power . . . or have they marginalized themselves?    Inherent in the title and the question, he reveals the bias of the article.  


Morris chose to interview Rosa Koire, well-known anti-Agenda 21 activist to represent the opponents to the ‘global conspiracy’ side.   To balance the article, he quotes Michael Schmitz, Executive Director of the U.S. chapter of ICLEI, Mark Potok for the Southern Poverty Law Center, Arthur C. Dyas, Chairman of the Baldwin County Planning and Zoning Commission as the attack dogs against Agenda 21 opponents.  For good measure, he threw in the Koch Brothers and ALEC – the American Legislative Exchange Council with the innuendo that they are funding the anti-Agenda 21 movement.  That’s a joke because the only “grassroots” groups that have any money are the supporters of Agenda 21 or who are leaders of the opposition – well-funded shills.    


Fortunately, Rosa records all of her interviews and this one was no exception.   It is posted on youtube and I recommend watching it and reading the article – not for the lame arguments of the SS  (Supporting Stooges)  that Morris quotes but as a study in the manufacture of propaganda.   This article is 1385 words long.  After 896 words attacking opponents of Agenda 21, he finally got around to giving faint praise to Rosa – followed immediately by the implication that she’s just paranoid:


“In contrast to that nuanced picture of influence, Agenda 21’s opponents assert direct lines of connection among agencies and governments, with the United Nations at the center. This is what makes talking to Rosa Koire both beguiling and confounding. She’s cogent and detailed as she critiques the elite international influence that has promoted sustainable development through commissions, councils, and nonprofits. It’s a deeply American anxiety that goes back at least to George Washington’s farewell admonition against foreign entanglements.


But Koire and her allies frequently make dramatic leaps in describing how that influence works...



“nuanced picture of influence”.  Don’t you love that?   Agenda 21 supporters and implementers would like us to believe that memes fly through the air like St. Valentine’s arrows piercing the walls of the bureaucrats to turn them into government central-planning clones to save planet earth from [sound effects please]...   CLIMATE CHANGE!!! 


On the recorded interview, David Morris stumbled his way through this important question: 



You’ve obviously seriously done your homework on all of this stuff ...   but what I’m wondering is how you feel about [unintelligible] .. some people in this debate have a little less knowledge of the details of how these things happen (Agenda 21) and you do sometimes get a sense that people believe that there is some central force that is kind of dictating all of this stuff because what you described is a process where the idea is spread around and influence is spread around and people from the top down are coming to an agreement on what they think people should do and not everybody agreed with that.  But there are certainly people who think that right now, sitting in the United Nations building somewhere there are five guys sitting around telling the President what to do...


To start, there is the Council on Environmental Quality (CEQ) – advisors to the Executive Branch and the EPA.  The CEQ was created by the National Environmental Policy Act of 1969 for that purpose and the Office of International Affairs within the EPA was created in 1970.  The name is slightly different now, but the environmental movement has always been international. 


There are probably three who are most important at this point.  That would be the North American Commission for Environmental Cooperation (CEC).  They were created as a result of two treaties – one with Mexico and one with Canada. 


U.S.-Mexico Cooperation on Environmental Issues signed at La Paz, Baja California, 1983.  TIAS 10827.


Agreement between the Government of the United States of America and the Government of Canada Concerning the Transboundary Movement of Hazardous Waste, signed in 1986 – recognizing international environmental law.   TIAS 11099


Both Agreements (Treaties) annexed to the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA). 


Plus other treaties and other bi- and multilateral environmental agreements with countries around the globe which can be found here at the Ecolex website  and the process by which environmental law is adopted, here at the United Nations Environment Programme website in the section called Montevideo Programme


An honest analysis of the organizational structure, combined with the treaties and agreements, combined with the otherwise inexplicable actions contrary to the U.S. Constitution, U.S. statutory law, the complete left turn away from traditional American cultural heritage and values, the professional facilitation meetings to phony up “consensus” for land use plans that are clones of plans being implemented all over the world....   and gee whiz...  it sure looks like a global conspiracy to this Idaho girl. 


We are being ramrodded into an international system of totalitarian control using the steaming pile of bovine excrement labeled [sound effects please]  CLIMATE CHANGE!!!   And what is really annoying to them is that a few of us refuse to ‘go along to get along’.   And that’s where people like David Morris come in.  His job is to discredit the opposition.  That’s what he tried – and failed to do with his interview with Rosa.   She’s not discredited.  He is.   


There is a name for people like David Morris -  quisling.  “A quisling is a person who collaborates with an enemy occupying force.  The word originates from the Norwegian war-time leader Vidkun Quisling who was the head of a collaborationist regime in Norway during the Second World War”.       


Vicky Davis
June 23, 2014