Smart Meter Tyranny

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Power War

The Shifting Line              

Opportunity Knocks... Let's Answer it

Spinning like a Top - Idaho Times-News Story on Smart Meter Battle.  By OK-Safe.

Media Blackout on Idaho Power Smart Meter Incidents
Involving Guns   By OK-Safe

No News is Suppressed News

Smart Meter Battle Escalating -- Idaho Power Brings Guns to the Fight
     By OK-SAFE.













Case filings in my complaint against Idaho Power for the forced installation of a smart meter can be views here:   

Case Records  IPC-E-12-04

Idaho Public Utilities Commission



Radio Programs

America in the Balance Radio with Amanda Teegarden and Don Wyatt, on the Smart Meters

Radio Programs:  Latest Jan 7, 2011 Darren Weeks



Additional Info

Patrick Wood - Intro to Technocracy, Video

International Telecommunications Union - Internet of Things

How the "Internet of Things" is Turning Cities into Living Organisms  By FastCompany - pub. Scientific American

Smart Grid as an Element of Political Power



Source:  Law Library of Congress, US Code

42 USC Sec. 5901
Sec. 5901. Congressional statement of findings

The Congress hereby finds that -
(a) The Nation is suffering from a shortage of environmentally acceptable forms of energy...

(c) The urgency of the Nation's energy challenge will require commitments similar to those undertaken in the Manhattan and Apollo projects; it will require that the Nation undertake a research, development, and demonstration program in nonnuclear energy technologies with a total Federal investment which may reach or exceed $20,000,000,000 over the next decade.