Note:   A Trojan Triangle is an inland port with port being defined in the international sense for commerce combined with "Common Market" and World Trade Organization requirements for the global system of the free movement of goods and people.  I didn't know what they were when I first started writing about them so I gave the construct that I was seeing, the name Trojan Triangle.  3/30/2013


 Foreign Trade Zones - Inland Ports - Trojan Triangles  

The Chinese Connection

The Trojan Triangle 

"The CORE"   Trojan Triangle        EB-5   INFO!  

EB-5 Investor Visa -  BUYING American Citizenship   7/14/2011

How U.S. Territory Became
A Land Bridge Between Two Bodies of Water

Foreign Trade Zones and Inland Ports - Special Edition


SBA Defense/Government Contracting Shell Game

21st Century Manhattan Project:
     Real Time Biomedical Research on Human Populations

CORE Diagram
TEA Map & CORE - Intermodal Commerce Zone


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Trickle Down is Out - Trickle In is On


DLC - Third Way  "New Economy"   (Plan for Trojan Triangles)
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