Simon Says...

Before the anniversary date of September 11, I began to write a commentary about it but I just couldn't bring myself to rehash it one more time.   

What happened on 9/11 was a strategically designed media event.  The script was written in advance, the actors were in position and the scenario images were produced just as a Hollywood movie is produced.

The media was used as a tool for perception management of the events.  They took advantage of the confusion and emotional impact to put forth an absurd story of collapsing buildings due to fire, airplanes with Muslim hijackers flying into buildings, on and on.  All of it was just the script.  The real story can be seen in the photo on the right -  the explosions going off in what is a clear pattern used for controlled demolition. And above it, another clear line where another strand of explosives went off.    The top part of the buildings where the airplanes were alleged to have hit, were wired with conventional explosives and was designed to be a spectacular pyrotechnics show for the public. The rest of the demolition was done with some kind of high tech explosive - thermobaric fuel air explosive or a mini-nuke.

    Photo Source:  ABC News,
    “NYPD World Trade Center 9/11  Aerial Photos


September 11, was followed by the anthrax attacks which kept everyone's attention away from what was happening in New York plus I remember some very surreal events broadcast on C-Span like the members of Congress on the steps of the Capital singing God Bless America and a children's event at a library with the author of the book and a few powerful members of Congress in the small chairs at the small table taking turns reading passages from it.  It's a blur now, but some things you just never forget.     

What I intended to write about 9-11 wasn't the demolition or the alleged airplanes or the alleged hijackers, it was to comment on an article posted on the APFN website written by A.K. Dewdney.  And in particular, it was this one passage from it:

“The historical context: First and most important, no attack blamed on any recognized "terrorist" group, whether Palestinian, Basque separatist, Irish nationalist, Tamil Tiger, Red Army brigade, or what have you, was ever carried out without the group responsible claiming responsibility. The whole point of the attack is to publicize a cause.”

When I look at the names of those groups, I see the pattern of opposition groups in different countries.  And the alleged group, “Al Qaeda” is just one more element in the pattern.  That reveals the one flaw in using Systems Analysts for strategic planning.  They never re-invent the wheel as long as the wheel is working.  The strategy – whatever it is, becomes a standard.  And standards are written in a playbook – to be used time and time again as long as they work. 

As an Analyst myself, I never really thought about the process of analysis until now because I just do it – it’s integral to my nature, but in order to put together the elements of a strategy to form a whole picture, one must continually, mentally walk the levels and spans of the known until you reach the top and bottom with enough middle elements to fill the picture.  When you reach the top level, it’s like surveying the landscape from the highest mountain.   

The reason for including the segue above is because what I’m going to write about would seem like non sequiturs to most people but they aren't.  They are pieces of the puzzle that form my big picture of our status.  I'll let you figure out where they fit.   

What made me decide to pick up this thread again was that I was communicating with some other 9-11 researchers expressing some thoughts on the BRIC countries plus a few others.  I made a list of "floating pieces" of the puzzle pertaining to these countries for them.  In doing that, one of the links I got for them was a paper written by a man named Brian Jenkins.  Brian Jenkins came to my attention about a year and a half ago when I was watching a Congressional Hearing on terrorism and he was a witness.  What drew my attention was that he rolled an 'r' when he was speaking.  Since that is an inflection characteristic of people from Spain, I did a search on him.  According to his bio, he is an American born and raised (but I don't believe it).  He works for Rand Corporation and he is an expert on terrorism. 

The name of the paper written by Brian Jenkins that I found and sent to my friends is titled, "The Possibility of Soviet-American Cooperation Against Terrorism".  The paper was written in 1989.   The following is an excerpt from the paper that stopped me in my tracks:

... And in January 1989, Lieutenant General Vitaly Ponomarev, deputy commander of the KGB, referring to terrorism, said, "We are willing, if there is a need, to cooperate even with the CIA, the British intelligence service, and the Israeli Mossad and other services in the West.".  Hypocrisy?  A propaganda ploy?  An invitation?

What do the Soviets have in mind?  To explore the possibilities of Soviet-American cooperation in combatting terrorism, a small group of American and Soviet scholars and journalists met in Moscow for five days during the fourth week of January.  The meeting grew out of discussions between John Marks, President of The Search for Common Ground, an organization that has brought Soviet and American officials and scholars together to discuss many problems of common interest.....


The meeting grew out of discussions between John Marks, President of The Search for Common Ground, an organization that has brought Soviet and American officials and scholars together to discuss many problems of common interest.....

Common Purpose, Common Interest, Common Resolve, Common Security, Our Common Future, Common, Common, Common, Communitarian, Third Way. 

So naturally, I had to find out who is John Marks. 

Brief Bio
Center for Study of the Presidency - Membership List
Shift in Action - "Luminaries" 
Article about John Marks in the Washington Jewish Week, online edition

Search for Common Ground organization

"Common Enemy"    1985

I already knew about the 1989 Malta Summit between George H.W. Bush and Mikhail Gorbachev because of previous research backtracking to the decision points that brought us to the sorry state we are in now. 

And I already knew about the "Perestroika Deception" and Anatoly Golitsyn's story about the Soviet's long-range plan for a fake collapse of the U.S.S.R.    What I didn't know for sure - but had vague recollections of was that Reagan was behind the economic collapse of the Soviet economy.  I don't know about the rest of this report, but I'm sure the part that pertains to the covert attack on the Soviet economy is true.     

  Collateral Damage:  U.S. Covert Operations and the Terrorist Attacks on September 11, 2001
By E.P. Heidner

Page 5

What the public record suggests is that with the beginning of the first Bush Presidency in 1989, George H.W. Bush initiated a program of covert economic warfare to bring about the collapse of the Soviet Union. The name of this program appears to be Project Hammer, a previously reported, multi-billion dollar covert operation, ‘third world investment program’ whose investments remain shielded.29 This program consisted of four major covert operations including:

1) Theft of the Soviet treasury,

2) Currency destabilization of the Ruble,

3) Funding of the KGB Generals’ August 1991 coup against Gorbachev, and

4) Takeover of the key energy and defense industries in the Soviet Union.

At its inception, the program was conducted well within policy framework of the U.S. government as defined by several Executive Orders authored by Vice President Bush and signed by President Ronald Reagan. There is good reason to believe that the plan was initially formulated by Reagan’s CIA Director, William Casey. During World War II, before Casey headed OSS operations in Europe, he worked for the Board of Economic Warfare and his role was “pinpointing Hitler’s economic jugular and investigating how it could be squeezed.”30  Many of the program operatives were probably engaged through official CIA and National Security channels. However, as a result of the experience gained by the Bush cabinet and its private sector counterparts during the secretive Iran-Contra and Ferdinand Marcos gold operations (which will be explained in short order), the execution of that program would be accompanied by two new assumptions:

1) Using covert and illegal funding for a policy not approved by Congress would remain acceptable. Under George H.W. Bush, Congressional oversight of covert operations could be ignored with impunity;

2) The American public and their representatives in Congress were too pre-occupied with their own lives to be worried about what happened in foreign lands, even if those actions violated the law and the constitution.



About a month or so ago, I read or perhaps heard a Russian man on the radio talking about what was done to their economy.  It was something to the effect, "they reoriented our economy towards exporting and built a modern and highly sophisticated distribution system for the exports, but there was nothing to export - and nobody had any money to buy anything." 

Isn't that exactly what they are doing to our country?   They are building a 21st century transportation system - and are supposedly orienting our economy for exports, but we don't make anything and our ability to buy things diminishes by the day.  And because nobody has any money, the COMMUNIST Chinese are being invited in to buy American citizenship - and American assets and resources as well.   And anything that is developed here is quickly transferred to China and India for production.  Even the stupid windmills are being produced in China.  And recently the COMMUNIST Chinese government masquerading as a corporation met with officials from the power companies in Idaho to discuss building a transmission line in Idaho.  It's a re-run of what was done to the economy of the U.S.S.R.  (see Item #4 above).    

Chinese company officials meet with leaders of Idaho, energy firms


It's really quite bizarre but it appears that the Congress and leaders of this country have been playing a game of  "Simon Says".

Simon Says:   Export all of your production to China

Simon Says:  Import Indians, Chinese, Mexicans, and everybody else to take American jobs from the American people on our soil

Simon Says:  Let foreigners buy American citizenship

Simon Says:  Allow Goldman Sachs to raid the U.S. Treasury

Simon Says:  Collapse your economy and destroy your country - and the members of Congress kowtow, and say Yes Sir!


Simon Says, "Put your hands on your head"


Vicky Davis
September 17, 2010