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Best Government Money Can Buy


Little Fish

        Jack Abramoff, Lobbiest


"Lastly, 2006 is an important election year.  You can expect to see the Chamber devoting tremendous assets to defending those members of congress of both parties in tough races who have cast difficult votes on behalf of business and economic growth.  And you can expect us to work to defeat those who have perpetually behaved otherwise." Tom Donohue

Great White Shark

Tom Donohue, Chamber of Commerce



What's The Difference? 

Besides the fact that Tom Donohue, as the Don of the corporate mafia,

has a lot more money and resources ('juice') at his disposal -

Spent over $200 million on lobbying between 1998 and 2004 

Plus the 'juice' of the ITAA, NAM, Business Round Table 

Plus the 'juice' of the Individual corporations they represent

Plus the personal 'juice' from the CEO's and Keymen

Plus the front groups - 501C-3's and 501C-4's they spin off


Audio Clips from Tom Donohue's presentation of the Chamber's 2006 Agenda

Control of the Congress

Boomers and Health Care