Information Week Pandering

Information Week did a series of articles on Bill Gates testimony to Congress concerning his desire for the right to import unlimited numbers of foreign workers to take American jobs and his plan to redesign American schools.

After reading as much of the articles as I could stomach, I wrote a letter to the editor.  Since that letter is unlikely to ever see the light of day, I'm posting here


RE: Marianne KolbaSUK McGee’s coverage of Bill Gates testimony

First of all, Microsoft is a monopoly.   Bill Gates did not design or build DOS.  And Bill Gates did not invent the Windows design.  It was designed by Xerox.  Bill Gates was given $100,000 by his very well-connected father to start a business.  There is dirt under that rug if you’d ever bother to pick it up and look.  So attributing “innovation” to Microsoft is like attributing “creative financing” to the mafia.

As a monopoly, when Bill Gates talks about competition, he is not talking about his corporation.  He is pitting the United States economic future against foreign countries.  In other words - as an American, he is traitor so all of your pandering to his demands is equivalent to giving aid and comfort to the enemy.  

If Ms. KolbaSUK McGee had really listened to what Bill Gates was saying, he was proposing importing foreign workers for the high dollar jobs - with Americans getting the jobs that come from the multiplier effect of business activity in the community.  Translated, that means the mechanic that fixes your car; the person who works at the McDonalds to fry your hamburger, etc.

Did you happen to notice that when Bill Gates mentioned “math and science”, he talked about it in terms of practical math?  Like fractions for hair dressers?  And geometry for landscapers?   No doubt she missed that nugget.  Not surprising since the only things she did get was Bill Gates wish list.      

In 1991 as a part of his sell-out of America, George H.W. Bush “challenged” corporate CEO’s to redesign America’s schools.

Bill Gates must have won out because the design being implemented corresponds to Microsoft certificate programs for training professionals.  It’s oriented towards earning certificates.  By the time it’s all implemented, a person will need a certificate to mow a lawn.   And - as if that weren’t bad enough, the system includes a communist system of labor management.  Records will be kept on students - from cradle to grave - including medical, psychological, academic (limited though it will be) and most importantly, “social training”.  In other words - the Total Information Awareness (TIA) base system - with a child’s economic future depending on the information in that database.

Bill Gates is not interested in education.  Bill Gates is interested in education MONEY.  There is a big difference that should not be lost in the conversation.   His “philanthropy” is a business investment.  That’s it.  That’s all.  In the United States we spend over a hall a TRILLION dollars every year.  So what is $3 billion as an investment?  Nothing since he is going for the whole enchilada.   

Did you also happen to notice that Bill Gates wants the U.S. taxpayers to pay for research - for him?    So… it isn’t enough that he wants to take jobs away from American citizens by exporting them to India and importing Indians here, he wants the U.S. taxpayers to pay for his cost of doing business as well. 

The absolute best thing this country could do is to tell Bill Gates that if he wants Indian workers - then get the hell out of this country and move to India.  The U.S. taxpayers money for research should be used to restart the Information Technology software industry guarding against the monopolistic business practices of Microsoft and the inherent ability to blackmail our country that it affords.  

The 2nd best thing we could do is to export pandering reporters that parrot what is said by business leaders rather than doing research and thinking through what it means to have government become a tool for corporations in the pursuit of profit.   

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