IT Systems and Medical Research


Recently on C-Span, there was panel discussion on medical research.  They are talking about linking the national medical record that is being developed to research facilities.   You can watch the program - and I strongly recommend that you do watch this program - on C-Span or on the Research!America website. 
I'm not going to pull any punches here - this will allow them to use the entire U.S. population for medical research - with full individual identity and medical history.  It will allow them to develop designer drugs targeted to populations using DNA information.  It will give them the information to cull targeted populations. 
This program was sponsored by a new group - 'Research!America' - a new 'alliance for discoveries in health'  that is obviously well funded and organized.  They are attempting to sell this as an idea who's time has come.
What I want you to remember is that this is not a new idea.  This idea has already been done - in Hitler's Germany.      No matter what they say - don't allow this.  This gives them the power of surreptitious eugenics - using the American population as the lab animals.   
Last July there was a program on C-Span about the eHealth Initiative.  It was a panel discussion at the National Governor's Association meeting.   After hearing the ideas and plans that were being discussed - and knowing the plans for the school Student Information System to include medical information plus DNA information, I wrote this webpage to warn of what they are planning:
IBM and Dr. Mengele - Together Again
THINK !!!!      Don't Let Them Do This Again!     Never Again!

I will be writing more about this in the coming weeks, but in the interim:

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