The Meme Stream Media

About a year ago, I got an email from an internet friend who lives in New York.  He's been on my email list for quite a long time so we exchange information freely.  The email that he sent was something that he wrote or that he was forwarding and it was about the licensing of barbers.  He was surprised and outraged that "big government" even requires the licensing of barbers and barber shops.  I was surprised that he was surprised.  It doesn't take a lot of brain power to figure that there are very good reasons to license barbers and beauticians.  

A few days ago, I got an email from the Idaho Freedom Foundation (IFF) regarding the absolute outrage that barbers and beauticians must be licensed to cut hair.  No mention of the real reasons why they are licensed.  IFF uses the straw man argument that it is against the law!!!  for a relative to cut another relative's hair without a license. Oh... the outrage .... the horror ....  of BIG BROTHER ...busting Aunt Sally for cutting the hair of the family brood.   Except that I never heard of it happening and the only way there would be a complaint filed is if Aunt Sally was actually running an unlicensed business out of her home cutting the hair of anybody with $10.00 in their pocket.   I have no doubt however, that a demonstration will be arranged for us so that the meme stream media will have a story to tell to explain why our health and safety laws need to be dismantled and rewritten so that we are free to get head lice from an untrained barber and to protect dear old Aunt Sally from the swat team.

The story behind the story is that the "social scenario" that IFF is attempting to promote is a meme stream story - meaning that it is propaganda circulated on the internet for a purpose.  The meme stream media picks it up and makes it a "freedom and liberty issue".  In all cases when I get the same story from different directions, it means that there is an agenda in the background.  Yesterday in another email, the IFF gives us the rest of the story.  The agenda is rolled out.... 

"On Wednesday we collaborated with ACLU Idaho to bring in an expert in criminal justice reform, Marc Levin from the Texas Public Policy Foundation. Our system imprisons far too many people for victimless crimes, at great expense to taxpayers. We held the luncheon to help educate our elected officials about reform options to Idaho’s criminal justice system."

The last time I knew of the ACLU being active in Idaho was around 2004 or 2005.  The idea being floated at that time was that Idaho cities should become sanctuary cities.  A sanctuary city is one in which the city officials agree to have the police stand down on illegal immigration - giving illegals "freedom and liberty" at large with the idea that being illegal in the country was a "victimless crime". 

I have no doubt whatsoever that this cock and bull story about the licensing of barbers is actually a cover story to get Idahoans and legislators to allow the ACLU to supply model laws (harmonizing laws) to implement their sanctuary city laws thereby allowing illegals license to roam free in our state.  Idahoans should think carefully about that because Mexicans are not the only illegals.  We know that our resident rodent in the Governor's mansion has been trying really hard to get Chinese money into Boise... and guess what?  The Chinese come with it. 

The ACLU and Wayne Hoffman of the Idaho Freedom (whose freedom?) Foundation need to come up with a much better cover story than Aunt Sally cutting hair in the kitchen to make the idea of allowing the ACLU to rewrite our laws sound good.   Idahoans should take note of the fact that in an earlier email, the Idaho Freedom Foundation "created a Center for the Defense of Liberty".   That means they intend to start suing the state - which will cost you tax money.  This is an extortion tactic used by the ACLU to force their idea of freedom on the people of our country.   

As it pertains to the licensing of barbers, (want a good case of head lice?)  barbers and beauticians are trained to spot contagious diseases of the scalp like ringworm, and impetigo.  Beauticians (now called hair dressers) use chemicals (permanent wave solutions and hair dye) that can burn the scalp and hair.   Both barbers and beauticians need training and the shops where they work need inspections to ensure that they are following the sanitation rules that have been defined for the protection of the customers.  The licensing fees pay for the inspection system - as a kind of user fee.  Ultimately, it is the customer who pays the fee - and it is well worth the money we spend for it.

We do have one thing to thank Wayne Hoffman for however.  He provided us with a relatively simple scenario to demonstrate how the propaganda system works selling one idea with a different agenda in the background using the Siren's Song of Freedom and Liberty.   Problem-Reaction-Solution - phony problem... outrage...  solution - but not what you expect. 

What we Idahoans - the real Idahoans need to do is to tell Wayne Hoffman and the ACLU to get back on their bus and go back to Arkansas where they came from because we don't them here.

Vicky Davis
January 24, 2014