Deja Vu All Over Again

In the Infowars story that identified Harry Reid and his son as being involved in deal with a Communist Chinese company in connection with a solar farm deal in Nevada - combined with a government sponsored cattle rustling operation to put Cliven Bundy out of business, it was deja vue all over again.

Early on in my research on "Trojan Triangles"  which I now understand to be special economic zones where the elements of the technocratic tyranny come together to form a hub of control systems (fusion center) at an inland port for international trade, the plan by a Communist Chinese company to put a solar farm outside of Boise was one of the anomalies that triggered my research in this area.

The story seems to have disappeared off the web, but I did capture the picture of it along with some of the details I was discovering at the time:

Solar farms and wind farms are "renewable energy" that meets the requirements for reduction of the "carbon footprint" as called for in Agenda 21 and codified into U.S. law by the Congress.  They are heavily subsidized by your tax dollars and your electric utility dollars because they are not economically viable.  On top of that, your tax dollars are used for "Research and Development" which is really a cover for a big percentage of the subsidies.  In fact, there is a feeding frenzy from the government trough all under the heading of R&D and in a circular way, a lot of the money goes back into the political system via campaign donations and ... as in the case of Harry Reid, "opportunities" for the family members of Congress.

Last week, I posted a story called the "Market Racket" that included the story James Giffen and his activities as a broker for American investment in oil and gas in Kazakhstan.  In casting terms, Harry Reid's son, Rory Reid is playing the part of James Giffen.  When you understand how this global scam operates, then you can understand why the County Commissioner, Tom Collins said that protestors coming down to help Cliven Bundy "better have funeral plans".   We're talking big money here boys and girls.  No doubt there will be some for Clark County... but I'd bet the farm that there is dark money changing hands for "investment opportunities" somewhere on the globe.   Isn't globalization great?    Corrupt politicians can receive their payoffs in investments in other countries and there is no way to trace it without an army of investigators. 

The enabler for this corruption is the Congress and it comes under the heading of deregulation.  In other research I did during my smart meter battle, I wrote about the deregulation of gas pipelines - requiring the owners of gas pipelines to become "common carriers".  This was the "opportunity" for Ken Lay to establish a natural gas bank and to become a virtual energy company - meaning they owned almost nothing but they controlled the market through a trading system. 

The same thing was done to the electric utility business that was done to the natural gas business.  The edict from the government deregulators was that the electric transmission lines were to become "common carriers" - meaning that they were decoupled from the electric utility that built them  and they would become a separate business that would take electricity input from any source.   Enter the Communist Chinese, Foreign Direct Investment and "renewable energy".

In a 2002 report produced by the U.S. Department of Energy titled, National Transmission Grid Study on Page 18, it says the following: 

 In 1996, the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) issued its landmark Orders 888 and 889, which required utilities to allow non-utilities, or independent power producers, access to, and use of, utility transmission systems. Prior to these Orders, electricity production decisions were made centrally by vertically integrated utilities relying on generators they owned or exchanges with neighboring utilities. Investment in new generation by utilities had slowed and production of electricity by non-utilities was modest. FERCís orders were fundamental shifts in electricity policy and dramatically changed the ways that electricity production decisions were made and, consequently, in how the transmission system is used and operated.

It was the deregulation of the electric transmission lines that allowed a third party company like Enron with few assets and a "commodity trading system" to control the electricity delivery system to arbitrage the California utilities and California electricity consumers - and in fact, electricity consumers all over the west. They used "virtual" (computerized) trading to create artificial scarcity to drive up the price of electricity.  That's why FERC didn't put a stop to it.  Enron was doing was FERC intended.  (Note:  watch the movie, Smartest Guys in the Room  even if you watched it before.  It will make a lot more sense now with the understanding FERC's part in it.)

Smart Grid and Smart Meters with third party "virtual control" over the electricity that comes to our homes is the result of the same plan for deregulation - to drive up the price electricity to meet the objectives of Agenda 21 to decrease consumption and save the earth - or so goes the propaganda. One of the third party companies, ENEROC is the twin of Enron.  Once the smart grid and smart meters are installed across the entire country, the whole country can be arbitraged for electricity and THAT is what is meant by Demand Management - and that is the implementation of Chapter 4 of Agenda 21:  Changing Consumption Patterns. 

The other day, I found a new report titled, Back To Our Common Future posted on the UN website.  It's a status report of the implementation of Agenda 21 around the world.  The report was apparently paid for by the European Commission.  On page 37, you will find this chart.  Notice the attributes in the Energy and Infrastructure column:


There has to be a lot of sweating and hand-wringing in the Republican centers of power.  The Bundy ranch, cattle rustling by the BLM and the opportunity to bring down Harry Reid on corruption charges are incredible political opportunities that don't come along every day but there is just one slight problem.  They're all in on it.  Deregulation and "free trade" has been a neo-con agenda.  I was reminded recently that Wendy Gramm, former Senator Phil Gramm's wife was involved with Enron and the deregulation of the utilities and natural gas.  So she was working on the utilities while Phil Gramm was writing the legislation to deregulate the banks (repeal of Glass-Steagall).   And all the powerful members of Congress were in on the corruption with earmarks for their districts to fund "small businesses" that are the 'special purpose vehicles'  that are building the various components of the technocratic control systems consolidated under the name 'Fusion Centers'.  The justification for them was protection for critical infrastructure from "terrorists" the big lie of which is exposed by the fact of foreign direct investment in our critical infrastructure as can be seen by Communist Chinese investment in "renewable energy" and the growing personal wealth of the members of Congress.  And all of this is occurring at the same time we have one of the most corrupt administrations in the history of our country and our military is over in the Middle East imposing the technocratic scams on those people in order to have a GLOBAL SYSTEM OF TECHNOCRATIC TYRANNY  in the name of saving the planet.  My God, how everything has become twisted and evil.

This is it.... Stand up and Fight


Vicky Davis
April 13, 2013

P.S. World Net Daily has an article by Jerome Corsi published early this morning titled, Reid Smelling Anything But Rosy in Ranch Fight.