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Special Dates and Symbolism


The first and most obvious indication that we are dealing with psychopaths with a penchant for symbolism is that the attack on the American people occurred on September 11.  9-11 is a uniquely American symbol that began as the phone number to call to report emergencies but over time became a symbol of emergencies in itself.  It's highly unlikely that 19 Arab hijackers would choose this particular date.  It is more likely that they would choose a date that was meaningful to them. 

The following are other examples of the symbolism and double meanings that prove the point that the enemies are within


Navy Plans to Sink USS America

Explosive tests will send aircraft carrier to bottom of Atlantic

The Associated Press

Updated: 7:24 p.m. ET March 3, 2005

WASHINGTON - The Navy plans to send the retired carrier USS America to the bottom of the Atlantic in explosive tests this spring, an end that is difficult to swallow for some who served on board.

Sinking the USS America               

The aircraft carrier USS America will become the largest warship ever sunk.
The Navy says the effort, which will cost $22 million, will provide valuable data for the next generation of aircraft carriers, which are now in development. No warship this size or larger has ever been sunk, so there is a dearth of hard information on how well a supercarrier can survive battle damage, said Pat Dolan, a spokeswoman for Naval Sea Systems Command.

The Navy’s plan raises mixed emotions in Ed Pelletier, who served on the America as a helicopter crewman when the ship cruised the Mediterranean shortly after its commissioning in 1965.

He said he was “unhappy that a ship with that name is going to meet that fate, but happy she’ll be going down still serving the country.” Pelletier, of Poughkeepsie, N.Y., is a trustee of an association of veterans who served on the America.   More...


This masthead was found at the Department of Commerce website on a link named  At the time it was found, it was the section talking about technology transfer to India.  After it was circulated around to the groups of unemployed, American programmers and engineers, it was changed. 







More symbolism

On November 9, 2001 George Bush signed an agreement with Vajpayee of India to trade away our information and technology sectors.   Notice that 11-9  is the inverse of 9-11.   Some people have said that the World Trade Center was symbolic of U.S. economic dominance.  If that's true, then taking it down is also symbolic of the destruction of the U.S. through it's economy. 

As was described ad nauseam  in the lead up to the Year 2000 rollover, our country is extremely dependent upon technology - not only as the support for our economy in terms of middle class jobs, but also as a vital component of our infrastructure.  Without the computer systems that bring products to your grocery store, keep track of your bank and credit balances, produce your social security and pay checks, control communications networks that make your phone work - on and on, our country would grind to a screeching halt and chaos would ensue.  Eventually manual systems could be replaced, but it would take time.  When George Bush signed the agreement with Vajpayee of India, he was giving India and the multinational corporations the knife to slit our throats. 

In this case, the Dufus defense does not work.  He and the people in his administration absolutely knew what they were doing when Bush signed that agreement.  It was treason.