Administrative Coup d'Etat

The World's Greatest Heist and Betrayal  

On November 9, 2001, George Bush signed an agreement with Vajpayee of India

The U.S.-India Business Council and the Federation of Indian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (FICCI) are pleased to announce the Knowledge Trade Forum, the culminating event of the Knowledge Trade Initiative (KTI), to be held in Bangalore, India, November 29-30, 2001.

The KTI was launched during President Clinton’s trip to India in March 2000, and was subsequently organized under the auspices of the USIBC and FICCI. The KTI is a bilateral forum between India and the U.S. to discuss key issues affecting the trade of knowledge-based products and services between the two countries. The KTI aims to solidify Indo-US leadership in the knowledge economy by harmonizing bilateral positions on key issues affecting knowledge trade.

The Forum will pull together key industry and government stakeholders from India and the U.S. focusing on knowledge-based industries. The American delegation will be led by USIBC Chairman Ambassador Frank Wisner Jr., Vice-Chairman AIG, and Chairman of the Knowledge Trade Initiative, Dean O’Hare, CEO of The Chubb Corporation.

A "Hollywood meets Bollywood" extravaganza will kick off the proceedings on November 29th, followed by a full day of events on November 30th focusing in particular on four tracks: IT services, biotechnology, e-entertainment, and bridging the digital divide. Workshops will take place throughout the day on topics including: accessing venture capital, entrepreneurial success stories, and proven paths to success in the IT outsourcing space. There will also be a contest for the most innovative way to deliver communications access, with an award of $10,000 going to the winner as determined by a distinguished international panel.

The Forum will also provide the backdrop for the presentation of the final report of the KTI. The KTI has formed a series of working groups to consider key policy areas that affect the trade in knowledge-based products and services. Over 150 international experts in each of their fields have met regularly over the past months coming up with policy recommendations for India and the U.S. to secure their positions as leaders of the new economy.

(Actually - India is the leader of the new economy because this trade initiative is draining our country of knowledge jobs)

Links to pages recovered from the Internet Archives:

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Clinton - MOU

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Statement of Principles

Stimulating High Tech Trade

U.S.-India Talks

"Export America - The Federal source for your outsourcing needs"





In 2004 Catherine Austin Fitts was interviewed on the Jim Puplava radio program to talk about U.S. government finances and mismanagement.  Fitts is  Founder and President of Solari, Inc.  And organization designed help promote 'healthy local living economies'.

Former background: Managing Director and member of the Board of Directors of the Wall Street investment bank,  Dillon and Reed.  She was also Assistant Secretary of HUD under the first Bush Administration.

Audio Clip of Fitts

        Text from the transcript on Rense

Let's make it simple. Because 5 years ago I decided that I was going to start traveling around the country by car to see what was really happening on the ground. Because I think you can always understand an economy by simply walking around and, you know, when I was on Wall Street I used to do due diligence by going to the company and just going up and down in the elevator and talking to the secretaries. Let's talk about what things look like on the ground in America, and what that means to the credit of a Freddie Mac or a Fannie Mae.

In the mid-90's Jim, we knew that a huge amount of jobs and income-generating activities in America were going to get outsourced to Asia. I mean, those decisions were made in the early 90's, and we knew that was going to happen.

Rio Declaration on Environment and Development - 1992

[They included people and jobs as tradable commodities under the WTO-GATS agreement.  In effect, the Clinton Administration SOLD OUT the American people by making it possible to trade away our livelihoods - our jobs.   By putting our high technology jobs on the global market, Clinton stuck a knife in the heart of America's economy]

And I was a leader in Washington promoting a model whereby Americans paid down their debt, refinanced their communities and themselves on an equity basis, and redeveloped their skills. I mean, we knew the workforce was going to have to reengineer itself, and our pension funds and retirement arrangements were not going to be financially credible unless the workforce reinvented itself, and paid down its debt, you know, then.

[Retrain for what?  With no manufacturing and no knowledge jobs, there is nothing to retrain for - except how to be a Walmart Greeter and a McD's Burger flipper.]   

So we knew then we had a problem. And what happened is was my team was kicked out of Washington, and a decision was made instead of reengineering folks, skills, or migrating them to equity and starting new businesses, a decision was made to float the economy of the biggest wave of debt that I can imagine. And what we've done is we've seen consumer debt skyrocket.

I have a member of my group, the Solari Action Network, who reconfigures the BEA's statistics once a quarter, and what his calculations show is very much what I see on the ground in communities throughout America Jim, which is the average American household has income of $32,000 per year, they have expenses of $37,000 per year, and they finance that $5,000 per year deficit with liquidating assets, working harder, or borrowing more. And of course as you know, and it's clear from your website, that the debt has gone not just the consumer debt has gone up-up-up, but the mortgage debt has gone up-up-up. And now, that load is just increasing every year, and meantime we are accelerating moving all the jobs and income abroad.

Now, when you move all your income abroad, and you leave your growing debt at home, it doesn't take long to understand what's going to happen to a Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac or a Ginnie Mae. At some point the growing debt has got to get serviced, and the question is how?

You can flood the country with immigrants who can buy up real estate that you finance at the bottom, but at some point something's got to give in the middle. I mean, if you shrink and collapse the middle class, they're going to default on their mortgages.

Entire Fitts Interview


A trade agreement with India having to do with knowledge jobs and Information Technology using 'terrorism' as the reason is a Great Non Sequitur. 

Joint Statement Between U.S. and India   November 9, 2001
Joint Statement Between the United States of America and the Republic of India

"Since September 11, the people of the United States and India have been united as never before in the fight against terrorism.  In so doing, they have together reaffirmed the enduring ties between both nations, and the importance of further transforming the U.S.-India relationship.  In their meeting, President Bush and Prime Minister Vajpayee discussed ways to accelerate progress towards these goals.

They noted that both countries are targets of terrorism, as seen in the barbaric attacks on September 11 in the United States and on October 1 in Kashmir.  They agreed that terrorism threatens not only the security of the United States and India, but also our efforts to build freedom, democracy and international security and stability around the world.  As leaders of the two largest multi-cultural democracies, they emphasized that those who equate terrorism with any religion are as wrong as those who invoke religion to commit, support or justify terrorist acts."


U.S.-India Joint Statement on High Technology Commerce

December 1, 2005
New Delhi, India


NASSCOM - February 2001

'More US firms depend on Indian IT cos than ever before'

"More than 250 Fortune 1000 US companies now depend on Indian IT companies for their mission critical work," said Richard F Celeste, US Ambassador to India.

"The partnership between India and the US has strengthened into a 'relationship' today because we share common values and devotion to democracy. This relationship is enabled by the revolution in technology and Internet," he said.

"This is a kind of DNA infusion from Indian subcontinent to the United States. The percentage of Indian graudates coming to the US is increasing every year and more number of these students are coming back to India to work," said Celeste. He was speaking at the Nasscom 2001 international IT conference in Bombay recently."


Lou Dobbs - Firms outsourcing knowledge jobs

In 2004, Treasury Secretary John Snow gave a speech to the National Press Club in which he stated that in 2000, the Equity Markets collapsed taking $7 TRILLION dollars out of the economy.

An American TRAITOR named Harris Miller was instrumental in setting up the United States (economy) to be gutted like a fish.  From approximately 1996 until 2001 he was working both sides of the ocean - working with the Indians to establish environments and acquire outsourcing customers while at the same time he was lobbying the American congress for increased H-1B imported foreign workers because of the 'shortage' of tech workers for the dot.con tech boom.


Initially, the export of our high technology jobs was done in secret as explained by WIPRO Chairman Azim Premji while “speaking at a seminar organised by the All India Management Association (AIMA) and Bombay Management Association (BMA)”.[3]  

“Addressing management students here, Mr Premji explained that when software services were being outsourced, it was done surreptitiously. This was done because it was the requirement of that time. The industry then stood witness to a vast number of layoffs.”




The audio clip is from a hearing of the 8/3/06 hearing of the senate governmental affairs committee.  The clip is comprised of two segments of Tom Coburn's statement. 

What I hear in these two segments is extortion.  Coburn either doesn't hear it, or he's a good actor.


Rumsfeld Buries Admission of Missing 2+ Trillion Dollars in 9/10/01 Press Conference

On September 10, 2001, Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld held a press conference to disclose that over $2,000,000,000,000 in Pentagon funds could not be accounted for. Rumsfeld stated: "According to some estimates we cannot track $2.3 trillion in transactions."

Rumsfeld's statements at a press conference on September 11, 2001:

Rumsfeld: We have absolutely no information that any U.S. aircraft shot down any other aircraft today.

Q: I wonder if we could just ask Senator Levin one thing, Senator, if that's all right.

Levin: You bet.

Rumsfeld: Senator Levin, you and other Democrats in Congress have voiced fear that you simply don't have enough money for the large increase in defense that the Pentagon is seeking, especially for missile defense, and you fear that you'll have to dip into the Social Security funds to pay for it. Does this sort of thing convince you that an emergency exists in this country to increase defense spending, to dip into Social Security, if necessary, to pay for defense spending -- increase defense spending?

Levin: One thing where the committee was unanimous on, among many, many other things, was that the -- we authorized the full request of the President, including the $18 billion. So I would say that Democrats and Republicans have seen the need for the request.



Spratt Audio Clip

Linder Audio Clip 1

Linder Audio Clip 2

  A House Budget Committee hearing was held on October 6, 2004 to discuss options for changing the U.S. system of taxation.

Federal Revenue Options 10/6/2004

Reasons Given:

John Spratt (D-SC) said, as of the end of fiscal year 2003 revenues were at their lowest point since 1950. The revenues were only 16.2% of GDP



Rep John Linder (R-GA) said, "there has been 8 quarters in a row of declining revenues since 2001".

Rep. John Linder, "there is six trillion dollars offshore".


In a July 2004 hearing of the House Budget Committee CBO Director Douglas Holtz-Eakin gave very important testimony regarding how the CBO calculates projections of the economy for the Congress to use to make decisions.

CBO Audio Clip

Listen to the questions of Jim Nussle and John Spratt and listen closely to Holtz-Eakin's response - especially the information that CBO receives from the Treasury on tax receipts.   

The U.S. Tax Code's Impact on
Revenue Projections and the Federal Budget
-- 7/22/04


Yesterday the CBO published their August update.  The chart was produced as described above.  

Note: This budget outlook was presented on C-Span with what appears to be a brighter outlook on the economy. 

Congressional Budget Office in 2006 Economic Outlook  8/17/2006

The Director said that it was due to a surprise increase in corporate tax revenues.  He doesn't mention the fact that in 2005 Congress bribed the multinational corporations to repatriate some offshore profits:

"The administration has gone another step toward doing away with corporate taxes - by offering a "tax holiday" to America's richest multinationals. The 35% corporate tax rate is being winnowed down to the "puny rate" of 5.25% for corporations that bring their foreign profits home. The administration is offering a reward to corporations who have not been paying taxes as other corporations do.

Who do you think are the major corporate beneficiaries?

Why the "cash rich" pharmaceutical companies who shelter their foreign profits to avoid taxes: Merck has $15 billion in sheltered profits; Johnson & Johnson, $11 billion; Shering-Plough, $9.4 billion; Eli Lilly, $8 billion.... It is estimated that by the end of 2005 between $100 billion and $500 billion will be "repatriated."

The one-time, one year only boost to tax revenues will allow the cover-up of the decimation of the tax base to continue for a few more years because of the way the CBO does it's calculations. 

As a Computer Systems Analyst, what I hear in these audio clips is that the Treasury and the IRS are willfully withholding tax revenue data from Congress.  There is no plausible reason why the Congress shouldn't have actual tax revenue numbers (including breakouts) plus estimated numbers for the individuals who file for extensions by about August of the current tax filing year. 

In 1987 all employers who had over 500 employees were required to report the employer copy of W2 statements on magnetic tape.  Every year the IRS was lowering the number of employees to force employers to use tape.  By about 1990, probably all employers with over 100 employees would have been required to report W2's on tape. 

Employers are required to give employees their W2 statements by Jan. 31.  The employer is required to send the tape copy of the W2's to the IRS within a few weeks of when the employee gets their statements. 

W2's and filing deadlines account for the vast majority of individual filers.  For people who are self employed that file for extensions, an estimated number could be used based on their prior years filing.   That would still be a better number than 3 year old data.  

Putting all the above in the context of historical events of the past decade listed below, it is this Analysts opinion that:

What they are doing with the 3-year old data, projecting history and then projecting forward is accounting fraud to cover up the biggest heist in world history and an administrative coup d'etat on the United States government using the government accounting and control (FBI and NCIC and immigration systems) as the proverbial gun to the head to retain power while they dismantle our institutions and infrastructure and destroy our country. 

You can see the results of their projections by looking at the Annual Accountability Reports for Social Security that I accumulated in 2004.  Note the fact that the Social Security Administrator puts the following CYA disclaimer in the foreward on page 2:  When you contrast these statistics with what John Spratt said about the true revenue numbers for 2001 that were made available in 2004, you can clearly see the extent of the misrepresentation of the status of the economy. 

“We believe the performance and financial data presented in this report are complete and reliable as outlined by the guidance available from the Office of Management and Budget (OMB).

The major events to enable the coup are as follows:

) During the 1990's Alan Greenspan kept interest rates artificially low to fuel the tech boom which was in reality just a manufactured illusion.  The Fed was in control of the markets since 1987 when the Brady Commission recommended it.  In addition, Greenspan advised the Congress that the U.S. needed to import more workers because of 'shortages' due to both the illusory tech boom and to control inflation which he redefined to mean rises in worker salaries rather than the traditional definition of rises in price.  The 8 year expansion of the economy (that was fraudulent) plus using the accounting scam of withholding current data from the Congress gave roughly a 10 year time frame in which our economy could be drained of economic wealth while allowing the fraudsters to claim a 'booming' economy based on projections from old data.  We are just at the point now - in 2006 where the lost revenues to the treasury can no longer be covered up.

) Clinton sold out our country by signing the WTO and NAFTA agreements.  The WTO agreement includes a 'Generalized Preference' in trade with so-called developing countries which includes China, India and Mexico. In effect, Clinton was selling our country out from under us when he signed those agreements.  They were designed to put domestic American businesses at a greater disadvantage over 'developing' countries over and above our already higher labor and production costs. Then the Congress gave tax credits to corporations to move out of our country so they could take advantage of the trade preferences in third world countries while selling back into this country - putting domestic businesses out of business. In addition, these agreements included provisions for the 'free movement of workers' across borders which was a sell out of the American workers. The imported workers have been used to engage in labor arbitrage against American workers on our own soil. 

  Statements made by Senator Byron Dorgan (D-ND) on C-Span while talking about his book, "Take This Job and Ship It: How Corporate Greed and Brain Dead Politics Are Selling Out America.  Click the links below for the audio clip.

NAFTA - Trade Surplus to Trade Deficit with Mexico

Tax Credits to U.S. Corporations for Moving out of the Country

Trade Preferences for China over the U.S. producers
The US imported $26.7bn worth of goods from 133 developing countries under the Generalised System of Preferences programme in ’05. The 32-year-old trade programme, which must be renewed periodically, waives import duties on thousands of products from the developing countries.

'India, China to own 2/3 of world capital by 2050'

By the year 2050, there will be a situation where two-thirds of the world's capital will be owned by Asian countries like India and China, said Jeremy Siegel, the Russell E Palmer professor of Finance, on the first day of the Wharton Alumni Forum, held in Mumbai.