Like most Americans prior to September 11, 2001, I was asleep to the treachery taking place within our country.  I watched the television news, read the local paper and I watched C-Span.  I thought I was an informed citizen. 

Then one day as I was watching Washington Journal on C-Span, the issue being discussed was an upcoming decision by the FCC to allow further consolidation of the media.  I was horrified at the prospect because television fare was near total trash.  Although it was hard to imagine how much worse television could get, I agreed with the guests that the consolidation had to be stopped.  I got on the internet to send a message to the FCC that further consolidation was a bad idea.  That action set me on an odyssey of discovery that led me to develop this website to share my analysis, thoughts  and conclusions.   

We are in transition from a nation with a government operated for the benefit of the citizens, to a territory managed by corporations and their networks of social change agents.  Corporations operate on cost/benefit analysis.  Profit is the motivation.  There is no humanity.  Corporations are psychopathic.  Anything that does not generate a profit must be eliminated.  Since the majority of the world's people do not contribute to the bottom line - they consume more than they produce, they will be --  they are being eliminated.

The people who are dismantling our country are the people who truly "hate our freedoms and our way of life".  They are world's wealthy elite who believe that somehow they have a god-given right to live like kings and queens with the remainder of the world's people living as their serfs.   

The qualification of 'remainder' means that a significant percentage of the world's people will be murdered during the 'transformation'.  In the process of population reduction, all living creatures are under attack.  In the past when the psychopaths ruled, they just murdered people outright.  This time - because of the technological advances, population reduction is being done covertly using stealth weapons of weather modification, starvation, terrorist attacks by an unseen enemy, 'medicines and vaccines', bioengineered diseases and foods, etc. 

The serfs will live in sterile, planned communities with freedom of movement and thought eliminated.  They will live in electronic prisons - controlled by technology. Technology is the means by which corporations manage large numbers of people, transactions, assets.  It is the means by which the globalist masters will rule their empire.  Today, all means of technologies for control are being implemented.  Cameras are being installed everywhere.  GPS systems for mapping the infrastructure are in place.  Remote controlled computer devices are being installed into cars the functions of which are not well advertised.  Products from stores contain RFID chips.  Identity theft is the Hegelian Dialectic that is creating the need for chipping of people.  The conditioning has begun to 'sell' the idea that people will need to be chipped for absolute proof of identity.  There are several theses being used - "if your child gets stolen by a pervert, a chip will help locate them quickly"; if you are in an accident and are unable to speak, a chip will help the doctor access your medical records; nobody will be able to steal your identity and ruin your credit".  What is never mentioned is that the chip will allow GPS tracking of your location and your movements.

The Patriot Act - supposedly to allow law enforcement to investigate 'terrorists' is on it's third iteration of progressively eliminating our rights guaranteed under the constitution.  Corporate management and constitutional government for the people are fundamentally incompatible.  Corporations are hierarchical, totalitarian organizations and people of the future will live in a totalitarian state - controlled by technology.

Environmental terrorism is being used to move people out of the zones the elite wish to 'rewild'.  Legal blackmail is being used to steal the property rights of American Citizens.  The deal is - put your land in a 'conservancy' or lose it.  Once in a conservancy, when the owners die, the property will be 'rewilded'. 

All of these things are able to happen because mass media has become the propaganda arm of the government.  We no longer have a free and independent press.  Stories on the 'transformation' of our country are few and far between - and the subject matter is rarely - if ever -  covered in depth.  To get the full story, one must turn to the Internet alternate media and the thousands of American Patriots who spend untold amounts of time compiling information and sharing it with their fellow Patriots.  The challenge is to "wake the sleeping public" to the treason and to alert them to the future that awaits their children if the globalist psychopaths succeed with their plans for the future.