Identifying the Cross-Dressers


Libertarians are cross-dressers.  By that, I don't mean they are men who like women's underwear (although they might), I mean they are the radical left who present themselves as conservative Republicans.  They are CIVIL Libertarians - as in American Civil Liberties Union liberals.  That was the  epiphany I had recently when the Idaho Freedom Foundation announced they would be working with the ACLU to rewrite our laws to pertaining to "victimless crimes".   I don't know a single real Republican who would trust the ACLU to rewrite the instructions for cleaning toilets - let alone rewrite our criminal laws - (abortion rights was really decriminalization for abortionists).  Before anybody argues with me that the ACLU has done some good things - I'll give you this -   99:1    99 bad things to 1 good one which is not a track record that I can support on any level.  

They've had various names throughout history - Jacobins, Bolsheviks, Fabians but their modus operandi is always the same.  It's a mind war first:  infiltrate, agitate, hit and run and then ultimately, smash, murder and destroy.  The following is an excerpt from a white paper titled, Communist Oriented Policing?  By Phillip Worts, Detective San Diego Police Department.



The Cold War.  Where is the battlefield?

Change Happens:  The Re-culturing of America

Even as the worldwide communist revolution got underway in earnest around the globe, a
rift was forming within Marxist intellectual circles. Around the turn of the century there was a growing trend within this movement that a better way to change the world is not abruptly and violently at the point of a bayonet, (traditional Marxist revolution), but rather it should be done slowly and incrementally by transforming individuals and their cultural institutions. Then you can control a country as effectively as if you conquered it militarily. In fact, this method is preferred because one does not have to rebuild bombed out cities and dig all those mass graves!

The home for this new wave of dialectical Marxist thinking became the emerging
“science” of socio-psychology. It may come as a surprise to many to discover that virtually all of the pillars of modern psychology were humanistic utopians who believed that there is no God, that mankind can and should be manipulated (for its own good, of course), and that all social problems can be solved by the proper reprogramming of man’s mind. This would lead to an era of peace and prosperity based on diversity, tolerance and unity. Most of their work dealt with the details of human behavior, but their over-arching view was that of transforming society (echo the revolution). Hence, they came to be known as “Transformational Marxists”.

One such group was the Fabian Socialists, who took their name from the Roman general,
Fabius. Fabius, it will be remembered, was confronted with Hannibal’s invasion of Italy.
Hannibal with his elephants held the advantage of superior forces, but was far from home and supplies. Instead of confronting his foe head on, a battle he would have certainly lost, Fabius utilized hit-and-run tactics. Harassing his enemy and wearing him down incrementally piece-by-piece over time until Hannibal capitulated, Fabius won the war. The Fabian Socialists adopted this strategy in their goal of world socialism. In a similar vein, the transformational Marxists advocated a “slow march through the institutions,” as famous Italian Marxist Antonio Gramsci would say. Gramsci’s theories cannot be overstated in this regard, as this strategy has become synonymous with his name. The Gramsci Strategy is the “War of Position”, (i.e. the battle ground is for the mind and culture) vs. the “War of Maneuver”, (i.e. traditional battlefield warfare with guns and bombs). Gramsci engendered the anger of his communist counterparts in Moscow when he basically told them they were doing it all wrong. Gramsci died in prison under Mussolini’s regime, but his strategy has become the strategy for changing society.



For the longest time, I couldn't figure out the objective of harassing local police.  It made no sense to me because the local cop is not responsible for anything except ensuring that our streets are safe.  He has no power to change anything.  Harassment of police is like teasing the neighbor's pit bull that's on a chain.  If he gets off that chain he's going to kill you.  Here's where the mind game comes in...  if you harass the police (or bomb their police stations like the "climate changing" weathermen did in the 1960's, you cause a police state to form and develop.  The police state then grows and weathermen join so that they can agitate from the inside.  That's precisely the strategy that Lenin used with the Bolsheviks. 

No doubt somebody who considers himself a small (l)ibertarian will write to me and say, I just want to be free of big government and restore the republic.  To that, my response is that it doesn't matter what you think.  It only matters what the leaders of the group you are supporting think - and do.  If you call yourself a libertarian and you give support to the libertarians, then you are a libertarian.  You are part of it and when the destruction comes, it's on your head. 

And what is it that the libertarian "thought leaders" want?   They want open borders, "free trade"  which is what destroyed our economy (i.e. economic disarmament), and they wanted "islands of commerce" - what I call Trojan Triangles  -  beach heads for foreign invasion enabled by sanctuary laws which force police to ignore illegal immigration and the universities facilitating the foreign invasion with the unlimited F-1 visas and the "island of commerce" - being an inland port under international maritime - admiralty law.  It's a complex strategy but the international communists are building a global network of "islands of commerce" which are really "islands of control"  for foreign invasion. 

Recently on Alex Jones, he had a clip of an interview with Bill Ayers - 1960's weatherman, bomber of police stations and now a university professor.  Ayers said in response to a question, "we have to control everything - and then you can be free".  Classic - up is down, left is right, red is gray and black is white, war is peace and slavery is liberty.   

Vicky Davis
January 26, 2014

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