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Al Gore's project, "National Performance Review" (NPR) to look at the systems of government for the alleged purpose of "getting more for less" was a six-month effort that ended on September 7, 1993 with publication of a report titled, "From Red Tape to Results:  Creating a Government That Works Better and Costs Less". 

The next phase of the project - and it's important to look at the "Reinvention of Government" as a massive - in fact, the biggest IT project in the history of the world, was to establish teams for the purpose of identifying and defining the quantifiable, subsequent 'units of work' in the redesign.  For that purpose, Al Gore tasked the agency directors with assignment to  "create "reinvention laboratories" teams within agencies that would pilot innovations in service delivery and be granted waivers from internal agency rules." 

The reinvention laboratories are a very important subject but before continuing with who they were, I want to skip ahead 5 years to 1998, when Al Gore reported the accomplishments and future plans.  The reason I want to do that is because you can tie those plans with legislation today that are transforming the United States into a fascist, corporate controlled "governance" system. 

For the record, when I use the word "government", I'm referring to the fascist corporate state.  The only difference between Communism and Fascism is the visibility of the Oligarchs.  In the Communist system of the Soviet Union, the Oligarchs were hidden behind the government.  In Mussolini's Fascist system, the corporate fascists were visibly in partnership with the government.  Fascism in the United States is more like Mussolini's fascism but for the average person, the organization at the top doesn't matter.  The effect on their lives is the same.     

The following is from a webpage called, A Brief History (of the NPR) with emphasis and notes added:



"Forever Changing Government" Future Directions

In late 1998, we crafted a two-year strategy designed to forever change government operations. By January 1, 2001, we will put in place five sets of actions that will become self-sustaining and change the way Americans experience their government.

Achieve Outcomes No One Agency Can Achieve Alone. People and organizations will collaborate enthusiastically across organizational boundaries to produce amazing results and transfer power to communities and citizens by providing them real-time information.

Some of the things that matter most to Americans are results that are beyond the power of any single government agency. Significant improvements in the cleanliness of the nation's water, the safety of our food, or the well-being of our children depend upon a broader effort, often rooted in communities and supported by a variety of local, state and federal agencies as well as the private sector. We are working with agencies to create "seamless service delivery" based on shared accountability for key outcomes. Key initiatives include:

  • Reducing food-borne illnesses by 25 percent. President Clinton administratively created a Food Safety Council of the eight agencies with jurisdiction over the safety of Americans' food supply and directed them to prepare a unified budget and common goals. (Note:  See S.510 Food Safety Modernization Act.  This legislation in effect creates a national supply chain management system for the food supply with the government being the manager of the supply chain.  In 2007, then Secretary of HHS, Mike Leavitt gave a speech at the National Press Club about it.  That speech was recorded and you can listen to the audio HERE. )

  • Ensuring at least 88 percent of Americans have access to clean water. An interagency committee with representatives from a number of agencies are working together to craft a common set of measures and strategies to significantly improve the quality of water in our country.  (Note: It would take too long to dig into this one but what comes to mind are  "privatization", fluoridation, gray water and mixing systems, government undoing of century old water rights laws and agreements in the west and ultimately control of water to control food production.  Together with the government supply chain management system for the food supply with "field to table" controls, these two represent nationalization of food and water supplies) 

  • Reducing crime by an additional 12 percent. Using new technologies and working collaboratively, the Justice Department will work with state and local police to put in place new techniques that will dramatically improve crime fighting.  (Note: recall from Part 2 of Reinvention of American, DARPA was re-tasked with the mission to develop "dual use - military technology for use in the civilian arena" and the Department of Commerce Advance Technology Program increased "partnership" with tech corporations for shared R & D;     technologies.  In previous work titled, 1991 - The Year The World Changed, the partnership between the U.S. Department of Justice and the Military was revealed.  The objective of this re-tasking of government agencies was for military purpose masked behind civilian use.  The technology that was developed was for the integration of surveillance technology embedded into the infrastructure along with command and control systems to do the monitoring and to dispatching of the police state.  The TSA airport scanners were developed under these programs.  REAL-ID - biometric ID was developed as part of this system as a system of positive ID for Total Information Awareness - police state controls on the population.)  

  • Improving child well-being. While there are no outcome goals yet set in this arena, this Administration is creating a set of statistical indicators and will work to achieve performance targets in ten communities to substantially improve child well-being.  (Note: this initiative resulted in a plethora of programs all oriented towards a state takeover of the parental role.  Early Childhood programs, pre-school and kindergarten programs planned for all schools, snooper programs like Parents As Teachers, mental health screenings for toddlers, vaccination tracking programs, etc.  In the 1990's Mikhail Gorbachev was set up at the Presidio to advise on the implementation of the communist system in the United States.  The State of the World Forum was established for that purpose and one of his programs is the 'Whole Child Initiative' headed up by the primatologist, Jane Goodall.  (can it get much more insulting than that?)

  • Creating an integrated national training, education, and employment system. Partner with states and localities to expand the network of One-Stop Job Centers from 800 to 2,000. Ensure the centers integrate service delivery and have a customer satisfaction rating of at least 80 percent. (Note: the integrated education, training and employment systems are in effect, a national takeover of the labor market. In the conceptual design written by Marc Tucker of the National Center on Education and the Economy, he called it a "National System of Human Resource Management".  The integration of those systems will allow the government (and schools) to decide who gets jobs at what rates.  The certification system is the gateway and the online jobs registration and posting system is the mechanism controlling opportunities.  The system is being implemented now.  In the future, nobody will be able to get a job without a certification and all jobs will have to be listed online - which means that the government contractors behind the iCurtain will choose whose electronic resumes get selected for presentation to a prospective employer.   Control of economic opportunity is the essential element of the fascist/communist system of control.)

  • Expanding the designation of "Hassle Free Communities." In 1998, we designated three communities (Dallas-Fort Worth, Kansas City, and Seattle) as "hassle free" pilot projects and is working with another four communities. Together, they are developing new ways to deliver public services customers want when, where, and how they want them based on federal, state, and local partnerships. The focus is to increase customer and government employee satisfaction to more than 90 percent and increase citizen trust in government by 20 percent over the 1998 baseline. The planned expansion to 50 cities by January 2001 will benefit more than 120 million Americans.  (Note:  I wasn't familiar with this term, "Hassle Free Communities" so I had to search on it. NPR Description REGO:  Hassle Free Government; New York Working Together Project.    I suspect it also includes community conditioning for socialism:  community organizing, community volunteerism, etc.)  



Also listed on the Brief History (of the NPR), is a List of Accomplishments pertaining to the elimination of government employees, the ripping up of government regulations, and the alleged savings achieved by the Reinvention of Government project. 



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Vicky Davis,
November 27, 2010