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Treason By Trade

From the late 1980's forward, it has become pretty clear that treasonous forces within the United States planned for the dissolution of the United States at the Millennium rollover.  This subversion of the Constitution and betrayal of American citizens has been done through the use of trade agreements.  They have in effect, traded away our national sovereignty in return for corporate profits.  They sold our country out from under us. 

The plan is to merge the countries on the North American continent.  At the global level, it appears to this writer that the plan is to divide the world into a few economic regions that will be controlled by the dominant country.  The laws for the regions are coming from the central planners at the United Nations under the heading of 'harmonization'.  One set of laws for the entire world.  One culture.  One totalitarian, communist global government. 

Under George H.W. Bush, foreign policy became economic policy and the process of dismantling our nation began.   Robert Zoellick, working for Bush was the chief architect of the strategy to subvert the Constitution and dismantle our country through trade agreements. 


Foreign Policy Becomes Economic Policy


"While serving in the Bush Sr. administration, Zoellick was instrumental in sealing the NAFTA accord with Mexico...."

Zoellick shuttled all over the world during the Bush Sr. administration to promote U.S. global economic policy. Before the founding of the World Trade Organization, Zoellick was the Bush administrations top negotiator with the European Union at a time when the Uruguay Round of multilateral trade negotiations was blocked by U.S.-European differences over agricultural trade liberalization. He helped break the logjam by forging the Blair House Accord, which helped save the foundering Uruguay Round.  

USA: Trade Representative Sued for Hiding Documents

WASHINGTON, DC -- At the same moment the new U.S. Trade Representative, Robert Zoellick, was urging Congress to grant President Bush new international trade powers, a lawsuit was filed against him down the street in U.S. District Court. The suit challenges Zoellick's decision to keep the public in the dark about the administration's latest trade negotiations for the proposed Free Trade Area of the Americas, which would expand the North American Free Trade Agreement -- NAFTA -- to encompass the entire hemisphere.


Summit of the Americas - Notice how the language and agenda are the same as the United Nations:

"This was the beginning of the Summit Process, as institutionalized in the framework of hemispheric relations. This process looked to gather experiences, make a common language and create consensus on mandates for the collective actions on topics of regional interest.

Later, the OAS had an essential role in the preparation and celebration of the Sustainable Development Summit held in Santa Cruz de la Sierra, Bolivia in 1996. The meetings of the main negotiations of the Declaration and Plan of Action were held in the OAS headquarters, with OAS support as a technical secretary.  In those meetings, the OAS was entrusted with significant duties in the follow up of the mandates.

The Secretariat for the Summit Process was called to formulate suggestions for the participation of civil society "



Summit of the Americas Pushes Revolutionary Agenda

The Takeover of America

Goodbye to Independence?

En;WF,US Trade Rep's bizarre version of successes of NAFTA,Jul 26

Case for the Amero


NAFTA Chapter 11 - Investor Relations

Chapter 11 - Giving Corporations Power to Overrule Democratic Government

Chapter 11 - Corporate Dream, Citizen Nightmare

Trading Democracy

NAFTA Chapter 11 Investor-to-State Cases: Bankrupting Democracy

GWU - National Security Archive - Trading Democracy

NAFTA Lawsuit Against Clean Water

The Methanex Corporation, a Canadian chemical company, stumbled today in its attempt to sue the U.S. government for almost $1 billion over a crucial California clean water law. The Sierra Club welcomes the decision by a tribunal under the North America Free Trade Agreement of the Americas (NAFTA). But we are concerned that the narrow procedural ruling left the door open for future anti-environmental decisions by this tribunal or by NAFTA tribunals in other cases.


NAFTA Tribunal





Security and Prosperity Partnership of North America

Joint Statement - North American Leaders Unveil Security and Prosperity 'Partnership'  Notice left hand side under the heading 'Regions' ......"The Americas"

North American Partnership Offers Agenda of Prosperity (but not for American Citizens)

North American Partnership Offers Agenda of Security (but not for American Citizens)  

SPP.Gov  - Partnership in Treason Website


Council on Foreign Relations

Building a North American Community

Gorbachev's State of the World Forum:   Nation-States are out.... Global governance is in

"Today, the West erroneously believes that open-ended cooperation with these "former" Communists will lead to a peaceful world. That is not their intention. Their purpose is to control the world. They are proceeding towards this objective by eroding national sovereignty in accordance with Lenin' s diktat that the state is to "wither away."

All contemporary collective political arrangements the so-called European Union; the North American Free Trade Area; the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe, an intergovernmental agreement requiring the pooling of military intelligence and other anti-state measures; and new regional blocs like the South African Development Community, which has set Southern Africa on the road to integrated security, military and foreign policies, and seeks to usurp national sovereignty in the region all are devices designed to undermine the state in order to replace nations with regional blocs which are to be the components of a world government. The destruction of national sovereignty is the paramount objective, since as long as nation states continue to exist, world government cannot be established.   The "Perestroika Deception", William Jasper.