The OECD Puppet Masters

This morning one of my fellow Internet researcher friends set me a link to an article on Faux News.  The article begins like this - and then goes on to explain why they are wrong:

Five Reasons the Planet May Not Be Its Hottest Ever

Global warming is in full swing, say some of the world's climatologists. Or is it?

On Thursday the U.N.'s weather agency announced that 2010 was a milestone, the warmest year on record, in a three-way tie with 2005 and 1998. "The 2010 data confirm the Earth's significant long-term warming trend," said Michel Jarraud, the World Meteorological Organization's top official. He added that the ten warmest years after records began in 1854 have all occurred since 1998.

I zero'd in on World Meteorological Organization (WMO) because when I was reading something the other day that indicated that the WMO and IPCC were the two international "science"  agencies that provide the evidence for the alleged climate change.  Naturally, I went looking for what I was reading that gave me that impression.  And I'm so glad I did. 

1990 G8 Houston Summit Declaration     (probably one of the most important summits you never heard of)


Item 63 has the IPCC, WMO reference   but it was this reference that captured my attention. 

73. In order to integrate successfully environmental and economic goals, decision makers in government and industry require the necessary tools. Expanded cooperative scientific and economic research and analysis on the environment is needed. We recognize the importance of coordinating and sharing the collection of satellite data on earth and its atmosphere. We welcome and encourage the ongoing discussions for the establishment of an International Network. It is also important to involve the private sector, which has a key role in developing solutions to environmental problems. We encourage the OECD to accelerate its very useful work on environment and the economy. Of particular importance are the early development of environmental indicators and the design of market-oriented approaches that can be used to achieve environmental objectives. We also welcome Canada's offer to host in 1991 an international conference on environmental information in the 21st century. We support voluntary environmental labeling as a useful market mechanism which satisfies consumer demand and producer requirements and promotes market innovation.

That concept of market oriented approaches to achieve environmental objectives is the idea that was promoted by Project 88 (John Heinz and Tim Wirth), but that actually originated in California with a deal between Pacific, Gas and Electric and the Environmental Defense Fund.  It was the idea of managing energy consumers rather than building more power facilities.  (Bleed the customer because they have a monopoly on an essential service)

Backdoor Man

But what really lets me know that the OECD are the world Puppet Masters is this document.  I don't know when I found it - but I didn't really understand the significance of it beyond 'Trade in Services'.  The WTO including 'Trade in Services is what destroyed our economy and it will eventually destroy our country.  

March 1987,  "Elements of a Conceptual Framework for Trade in Services"  and it opens by saying that they've been working on the framework since 1982. 

As I've said before, I know that leaders of this country knew what was going to happen to our economy because of a book titled, Workforce 2000.  It was commissioned by "The Bad Seed From Tennessee"

Here is the scenario I see:

The OECD is an organization of bankster gangsters.  They are the keepers of the international data.  They get the economic statistics, the resources and all the good information for all the participating countries (and probably the others as well).  They analyze the data looking for undiscovered pots of gold and then they formulate a cover story and global policies to get that pot of gold for themselves. 

It's so simple.   The IPCC and the WMO are pseudo-science organizations that have a bunch of clowns working for them and they cook their "scientific" data to correspond to the cover story as support for the global policy which is set through the United Nations. 

And it's so funny.  All the governments implement the policies recommended by the OECD because the OECD started out as the managers of the Marshall Plan.  They have the development dollars that they use like a Con Man spends money as a setup for the mark. 

What a racket.  And for the record, this is why data is so important and shouldn't be shared with anybody least of all with international, criminal bankster gangsters.   

And I almost forgot to include this link on the OECD's recent activities. What they are doing looks entirely different when you understand what these crooks are really doing:

Roundtable on Sustainable Development

Vicky Davis,
January 25, 2011