BOLO Alert:  Al Trada Spotted in DC!


The leaders of Al Trada have emerged from their caves in Washington DC in an attempt to initiate a new reign of "free trade" econo-terror on the American people.  

Al Trada leaders were spotted today in a panel discussion on C-Span in a forum sponsored by the Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS).

The trade agreements that were negotiated and signed during the 1990's served only as an extraction of American wealth redistributing it around the world and in particular redistributing it to China.  China is using their "free money"  and "free technology"  to build up their military to threaten the United States and the world while the economy 

American Manufacturing

of the United States declines - propped up only by accounting and statistical fraud that fools nobody - least of all the people who no longer have jobs or homes.

Al Trada admits that the Doha Round is dead - but they would like to revive it.  Barring that, they would like to continue with bilateral "free trade" agreements with countries that haven't yet bought into the lies because "free trade" only benefits billionaires and bankers.   

Agriculture and Technology are the two sectors mentioned specifically.  Never mind that when technology was included in the prior "free trade" agreements, they breeched the security of the United States - transferring to our enemies the technology they needed to wage cyber (net-centric) warfare against us.   Agriculture (food) is a perennial issue because there are still farms and ranches in the United States that Al Trada would like to export so that we can then turn around and import bread and pay $10.00 a loaf instead of the $5.00 that we are now paying.  

The following are the members of Al Trada that were present.  Missing was Al Trada member Robert Zoellick who is now President of the World Bank.  

Al Trada Leaders 

Susan C. Schwab, U.S. Trade Representative, 2006-2009
Charlene Barshefsky, U.S. Trade Representative, 1997-2001
Michael Kantor, U.S. Trade Representative, 1993-1997
Carla A. Hills, U.S. Trade Representative, 1989-1993
Clayton Yeutter, U.S. Trade Representative, 1985-1989
William E. Brock III, U.S. Trade Representative, 1981-9185


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Vicky Davis
April 6, 2012