A Preview of Coming Attractions

Ferguson, MO. is a preview of coming attractions.   Just below the surface, this country is a bubbling caldron of anger, frustration, disillusion, disgust.   While the protestors in Ferguson don't generate a lot of sympathetic feelings amongst the majority, they have legitimate complaints.  The militarized police don't generate a lot of sympathetic feelings either, but they have legitimate reasons for what they are doing. 

There is an insurgency in this country that are agitating and tormenting police intentionally - like teasing a pit bull.  The purpose of that is to get the police to act like storm troopers - and it's working.  But my sympathies - in a way, are with the police.  They have been put in the position of protecting corrupt and collapsing political and economic systems.  

Regular people have no outlet for their anger and frustrations.  You can write a letter to Congress and get a form letter back.  You can talk to your state representatives but you might as well spit in the wind because that's the amount of satisfaction you'll get.  And local officials?  Right. 

The corruption in our country is above everybody's pay grade.  It is systemic.  The policies that brought us to this position have been "foreign entanglements"  that included not only the gutting of our economy and the elimination of borders, but also the redesign of our governing systems.  Were you aware of that?  Did you know that Clinton and Gore "reinvented" government?    Anthony Giddens of the London School of Economics supplied the intellectual fire power for a theory of governing that has been called Third Way.  Our government was redesigned based on Third Way philosophy.  When you break it down, Third Way "philosophy" is merely a contrivance for what is just plain old fascism - modernized to use the collectivization powers of computer systems - Obamacare is a good example but it's only one of many. 

Where are the so-called Pillars of the Community?  Oh yeah... that's right.  They are all busy cashing in because fascism treats people in power positions very well indeed.   But here's a news tip for you:  What's happening in Ferguson, MO will come here.  If you're sure that the people in Idaho would never act like that - think again.  The insurgency will make sure that agitators are imported here because that's the way this is working.  The objective is to tear down the remnants of what used to be the American system of government - leaving the organized crime syndicate that operates at an administrative level of government in total control of the police state they are building.   

Wake up and act before it's too late.

Vicky Davis
August 15, 2014

P.S. I would have sent this as a Letter to the Editor of the local rag but they only allow 300 words for citizen input to the community "dialog".