And the Solution is....   TECHNOLOGY!

I was listening to the John Stadtmiller's radio program while he was talking about Ferguson, MO.  One of his caller's - a very articulate caller said that the whole situation could have been avoided if the Ferguson police had purchased the Taser Cameras for police.  BOOM... there it is.  The bigger the mainstream media coverage, the more likely the solution will be technology or systems.   This is getting just too easy.

The caller said that if only Governor Jay Nixon had included money in the budget for the cameras, there would have been no question about the shooting of Michael Brown.   He said that everybody should write letters to their police and sheriffs asking them to purchase this technology. 

On the news of the Ferguson incident and the buses loaded with Rent-a-Rioters from St. Louis descended on the area, Taser International stock rallied as the orders for the cameras flowed in. 

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Here is an article on Cincinnati

Vicky Davis
August 19, 2014

P.S.  Somebody should find out if the Rev. Al and Jesse Jackson have stock in Taser International.  They should also find out if Taser International has union workers - and if so, which unions.  If those unions were involved in getting the buses and rent-a-rioters to Ferguson, that would be organized crime wouldn't it?  RICO.