Links for America in Distress presentation, Meridian, Idaho, October 18, 2011

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World Game of Chaos

Research on Futurists


The Stalking Horse

Research on the Club of Rome and the International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis


The Unfinished Agenda

Rockefeller Brothers Project – Directed by Gerald O. Barney


Project 88   

Technology-based environmental policy -    technocracy



North-South  - How the American Political Class Deceives the Public

About international commissions


La Paz Agreement – Fifth Column


Battle of Ideas and Systems  - Part 5, Decision Point

George H.W. Bush – Enterprise of the Americas Initiative


1990 – G7/G8 Houston Summit

Technocratic Coup  -  about the decisions made in 1990 and the implications


The Knowledge Gap  -  timeline


Digital Fascism of the Dons of Davos  -  Digital Treason


1991 – The Year the World Changed 

About the Internet


Reinvention of Government  - 8 Part series

This research is on the front page on the right hand side in a gray box


Research on the Treasure Valley Partnership (TVP)

Agenda 21 in Idaho  -  the original research

The Falling Star -  updated information on TVP with a better understanding of what they were doing


NAFTA Superhighway History  -  including ISTEA of 1991


Intermodal Commerce Zones – Economic Development plan that I call Trojan Triangles

Trojan Triangles  -   describes the elements of centrally planned economic development


Trojan Triangles – “The CORE”   -  Meridian, Idaho’s economic development plan


More information on Trojan Triangles, Foreign Trade Zones and more


Capitalizing on Complexity