Department of Peace:  Pulpit for Peddlers of Global Government?


The link below contains a list of all the Congressional bills I found that propose to establish a Department of Peace -- 75 years worth!

Department of Peace - Congressional Bills  (pdf)

It is apparent that this is not a transient issue, but part of a long-running agenda.

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Debbie Niwa


Note: Integral to a "Department of Peace" -- as identified in HR 808 (2009):

arms control and disarmament, education and training, technology, domestic and international activities, conflict resolution, service academy, public service, professional mediation, Intergovernmental Advisory Council, UN/UNESCO initiatives, UN Security Council, UN Universal Declaration of Human Rights, Secretary of Peace, transfer of certain other existing government "functions, assets, and personnel" into the Department, establish seven offices under the Department, etc.


For more details and documentation, go to Bernadine Smith's Second Amendment Committee "Documents" web page

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and scroll down to the section titled "Unmasking of the Department Of Peace." At a minimum, please look at the "Peace" Jigsaw  and read the "Analysis of H.R. 2459" (In 2001, H.R. 2459 was proposed "To establish a Department of Peace").