Understanding the Trojan Triangle

When I first started looking into the individual elements of what I eventually called a Trojan Triangle, I could see that there was a system to it - with system being defined as the integration of separate processes linked together procedurally or physically to achieve an objective.  What I knew at the time was that the transportation system, the education system and community (economic development) were involved.  The delegation from China to view the area brought international trade into the picture. 

The analysis that I did was to document the entities and relationships to determine the purpose of each in the context of the system design as I was seeing it at the time.  In other words, I was reverse engineering their system design. 

Because it's important to understand not only what they did, but how they did it, my documentation includes - in excruciating detail, the legislation and activities of the key elements and players in the implementation of the Trojan System in a local community which was Meridian, Idaho.  Put another way, I documented the strategic initiatives to build the system in our local communities - the main elements of which were:  

Intermodal Surface Transportation Act of 1991  -  this defined the transportation zone that over a period of time becomes an international zone (inland port) under international maritime law. 

The GHW Bush Administration's America 2000 program with the Job Training 2000 program and the Workforce Investment Act of 1998 that legislated workforce investment areas that are a logical overlay on the inland ports.    

Communities and local economies in my analysis was the recruitment of the public sector into the private sector analysis of the local economy (cluster studies) to identify major employers, define supply chains, and to connect the university, public officials and business leaders into an unholy alliance for capture of the community and central planning of the economy.  

Within the major elements, there is a lot more detail that should be included that is documented in other places on my website.  One could think of it as a giant puzzle that I've been putting together over these years. 

A couple of years ago, when my friend went to a conference and was given a presentation on the Swedish Triple Helix model, what she was given was the original concept for the system that I observed and was documenting as the Trojan Triangle System.

Swedish Triple Helix


The above is the marketing pitch for city and state officials and local business leaders.  It is presented as the key to competitiveness in the global economy. 

The triangle in the Swedish Triple Helix is symbolic of the zone of influence and commercial zone for the unholy alliance of the government, corporate, academia triad (soviet). 

The business infrastructure, utilities and logistics are the key control mechanisms of the population within the zone.  The technology was sold as being 21st century modernization - fiber optic cable, systems for traffic management, energy efficiency as enabled by smart grid and smart meters and reduction in the use of natural resources through the management of resources by computerized control systems.  The net result will be business as king with government, academia and the people serving business rather than business serving people.  

The kicker is that the strategy that isn't shown in the diagram above, but which I documented, is that the money to build the Trojan Triangle is foreign money - foreign direct investment.  In essence, the Trojan Triangle is like a cancer cell in the body.  It goes undetected until it starts to grow and to kill off the healthy cells.  In this case, the final step in the Trojan Triangle system is to have the local officials declare that the city/county is a sanctuary city - meaning that illegal aliens will not be bothered by law enforcement.  At this point, foreigners can flood into the city and the city is captured. 

In plain language, the Trojan Triangle system - Triple Helix if you prefer, is a military strategy for economic conquer without using military accoutrements.  Conquer the economy and you conquer the military - and you've conquered the country.  And that's the story of the Trojan Triangle system and how it relates to the conceptualized version of the Triple Helix - except for one thing.  The US military goes overseas to protect the investments of corporations in foreign countries.  By the same token, foreign militaries will come to the U.S. eventually, to protect the investments of their corporations.  By the time that happens, our military will be completely and utterly broken and destroyed by their engagements in the Middle East.  And that, I believe, was part of the plan all along.   

Hopefully, with this background, you'll better understand the Trojan Triangle documentation and how it relates to the Triple Helix documented in the first part of Organization of Power.

Vicky Davis
February 1, 2014