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Whatsoever things I see or hear concerning the life of men, in my attentance on the sick or even apart therefrom, which ought not be noised abroad, I will keep silence thereon, counting such things to be as sacred secrets.  - Oath of Hippocrates, 4th Century, B.C.E.

OK-Safe - single issue website:   Exposing Health Care Reform  Note:  written for Oklahoma - but the program is national so just substitute your state name for Oklahoma. 

Maryland's Health Enterprise Zones

Human Genome Project (pdf)

This is a research project on the Genome Project and it's connections to the nationalized system of medical records and Health IT.  The history was very interesting and very disturbing.  The plans for the nationalized medical records and "transformation" of the health care system are worse than anybody has yet imagined. 

21st Century Manhattan Project for Biomedical Research on Human Populations

Just what the title says.  

Nationalized Medical Records

This commentary is about the history of the project for the nationalized medical records and the Health IT system dating back to 1990 and going forward.

Article:  IBM's Watson to assist replace doctors   (what I've been trying to tell you for almost 5 years)

The HAPI Plan for Mandatory Wellness

In 2007, Senator Ron Wyden had a Health IT plan that was activated.  This commentary includes information about both the 'Healthy Americans Act'  (HAA!)   and the 'Healthy Americans Private Insurance' Plan (HAPI).   (Update Note:  There is no doubt that the health care legislation included in the economic stimulus plan includes both of the 'ready to go' pieces of legislation. 

IT Systems and Medical Research

This is a brief commentary about a group named "ResearchAmerica" and their plans for the nationalized medical records for medical research purposes.    They have a video on their website of a panel discussion where they "game" the issue. 

IBM and Dr. Mengele - Together Again

In 2007, at the National Governor's Conference, Ginny Wagner of IBM and Dr. Douglas Woods, Mayo Clinic discuss the nationalized system of medical records 'Health Information Technology'  (HIT System)   appropriate acronym.   Audio clips from the event are included. 

Letter to Governor Butch Otter

2008 - My letter to Governor Butch Otter regarding the Idaho Health Data Exchange.  This probably belongs in Vicky's Rants but I want everybody to understand how hysterical I feel about this nationalized system of medical records, the decision support system, covert medical research and the degradation of our health care system - replacing doctors with Physicians Assistants and Nurse Practitioners - with the computer system.   

Everything is 'For Sale' in America

Proof of the agenda for genetic research integrated into medical practice. 

The Nightmare of Project Destiny

Move by Pharma groups to define a new type of primary care provider - drug doctor  (God Damn... The Pusher Man)

Logical Substitution Clears the Fog



Articles, documents, misc

Telemedicine in Idaho   [pdf]

HHS Awards $22.5 million in contracts to health info exchanges

Wall Street Journal - Doctor Shortages, April 12, 2010

Doctor Shortage?  28 states may expand nurses' role, April 13, 2010

Michael Milken             Video 
31st Annual Goldman Sachs Global Healthcare Conference      Zubretsky

Focused Factories

Government - Organization Chart for Health Care

Getting into Med School without hard science   ***

Washington Post, May 4, 2010, "New health-care law might make your doctor more informed, efficient, responsive"

NIH, May 10, 2010, "Patient's Whole Genome Reveals Disease and Medication Risks"

NIH, FAQS about Pharmacogenomics

NYT - conditioning for Project Destiny -   Pharmacist/Nurse Practitioner as medication manager along with computer system.  This is a requirement for mass applied genetics medical research.  It redefines double-blind.  Both the patient and the provider are blind and the genetics researcher "lives" in the computer.   PDF

"Shortage" of primary care physicians -  Herd Medicine  -   More PA's NP's  See the above conditioning.  PDF


NYT, May 18,2010, "College Bound, DNA Swabs in Hand

Source:  National Institutes of Health