Digital Fascism

Digital Fascism of the Dons of Davos (pdf)

What is Digital Fascism?  (pdf)      Case in Point

The Scourge of Collectivism

Collectivization by Computer System

Harmonizing the Tax System


State of the Union

1991 - The Year The World Changed
Global Information Infrastructure
Nationalized Medical Records
Public Schools SIMS, More To It Than Meets The Eye


Supply Chain Cartel In Action
InPut/OutPut Analysis and B2B Supply Chain Management
Global Supply Chain Management

NAFTA - Super High-Tech Highways   D. Niwa with contribution by V. Davis
How Savi is NASCO?
Outsourcing Overhead
The "Un-Sexy" Way To Take Back Our Country
Administrative Coup d'Etat
"We Do Have A Centrally Managed Economy"

9-11  --> Follow the Systems and You'll Find the Money and the Perpetraitors

Chaos Out of Order
Making The Trains Run On time
What Does It Mean To Be A Jelly Bean?

A Human Resources Development Plan for the United States
Guest Worker Program - Slave Trading and Management System

The Global Con
From Dreams To Nightmares... "The IT Project That Ate America"

Taking Back Our Country
Letter to Congress on the 2007 Agricultural Interrogation
Big Brother Snoop - At It Again

Spotlight on the Shadow Government    Real ID
Real ID
Real ID - A 'Global Security Envelope of Identity Management'

A New Age of Darkness


In-Q-Tel:  A New Partnership
Independent Panel on In-Q-Tel



Designing a New World   
Regionalism is Dialectic Materialism

Open Letter to Idaho Legislators
Divestiture and Disintegration of the U.S.


The Biggest, Big Lie
Bushwhacked & Shanghai'd
Investor Rights Over Sovereign Rights
Discrimination Against American Citizens
United States of Accounting Fraud
After a decade if NAFTA, Mexican farmers face ruin
Role of the Doha Trade Round in Fulfilling the Millennium Development Goals
      (Trading away YOUR job and YOUR life)
The Great American Sell-Out
"What Are We Missing?"
Letter to Rep. Mike Simpson on 'free trade'
Government for Profit


Still working on this - trying to organize it

New World Order Made Easy

Rumsfeld - Privatization of the Military
Councils of Government
Bush Tax Cuts are Working!? (has audio clips)

Transformation = Privatization
Sleeping Americans:   Wake UP! By Bernadine Smith
Virtual Nations
Money For Nothing
American Farmers Can't Get Loans but NRI's Can?

Constitutional Amendment Needed
Administrative Coup d'Etat

The Mission Exposed

Joe Biden and The New World Order
Charlatans, Dirty Little Secrets and the Engineered Decline of America


Discrimination Against American Citizens

Trade and Migration
Left-Right Hoax
Boycott Hershey's - Tell Hershey's to Kiss Off
Government for Profit
Viet Nam - Free Trade Debate
Fair Warning on the Fair Tax - Part I
Fair Warning on the Fair Tax - Part II
No-Party System
Hidden Rivers - Updated
The Dialectic
Can't Get Fooled Again


Remember Dubai?
Gold Fever
Free Trade: Trojan Horse  (speakers on)
Final Days:  Everything Must Go!
Public-Private Partnership

Press Release - Joint Statement on High Technology Commerce - US Embassy, New Delhi, India
Address By David McCormick, US Embassy New Delhi, India

World Bank Questions Free Trade's Benefits
What Happened to Section 828 - Buy American?

Letter to Rep. Mike Simpson on 'free trade'

Trying to Rescue American Jobs

Local Government

Communist Oriented Policing (pdf)

Letter to Rep. Mike Simpson on 'free trade'

Regionalism in Idaho (Agenda 21)